Friday, December 19, 2008

Feats of Generosity

So, I get the mail today and I have a book that I have been wanting to read forever! I am right excited, so I push everything else aside with the intention of reading it next. I had supper with the charming comedian before he went to work and we were talking about how bad we are at buying Christmas presents when I remembered my book and went to get it! You know what happened? He decided that it would be the perfect present for one of the people he has left to buy for, so I go browsing online to see if he can get it in time for Christmas.... NOPE! So, now his person is getting my copy and I am forced to WAIT to get my own copy again. Isn't it great that I am such a nice person? (He is also giving the same person another book that I recently received. Me and my big mouth, I had to say 'If you think she would like this, she would probably like this one too...')

It's not like I am mad or anything, I volunteered, I am just annoyed that the stupid bookstore here doesn't have either book in stock! That means that I am going to have to order online, and it will be like January before I get them. So, instead I am reading Darren Shan, and then I have two books that would work for Dewey's Challenge to read. Oh, and what were the books? See the pictures....


  1. oh, oh! I saw that John Lennon book at the local store a while back. It is so beautiful... I did a painting of that picture back in high school, but it really did not do him a whole lot of justice... I love that photo. I hope you get a copy soon!

  2. Yeah, he is going to give me the money tomorrow so I can order them. :) I am so tempted to at least start the 'Can't But Me Love' one, but I probably won't be able to finish it in time and then what if I can't get a copy in a timely fashion....

  3. Sorry that you have to wait, Kailana! But it was nice of you to offer. The Lennon book really sounds great.

  4. Yeah. I started 'Can't But Me Love' but I don't know if I will have enough chances to read it to have it done in time...


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