Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Story

So, since I have actually been reviewing books lately and not rambling on endlessly about pointless things (when I actually, you know, updated my blog)... I thought it was time for a story! I imagine that the charming comedian is starting to feel a bit left out because I haven't told any stories about him lately. Then, tonight happened, and I think it is time to break the silence. I just hope I can tell it so that it is funny even over the screen...

Okay, so picture this... One day when we were in Wal-Mart we bought a stool for in front of his computer, as he runs his computer through his flat-screen television (and then everything looks really nice and looks really horrible when I go home to my little tiny monitor). This stool has a back on it and folds up if you want to. Anyway, so tonight I am at work reading my book and the telephone rings. As this is supposed to be an aspect of my job, I answered it. I was very surprised to see that the charming comedian was calling because we had just hung up not that long ago. From the minute he spoke his first word I knew that he had a story. His voice had a little laugh in it, like he was smiling as he warmed up.

Let me set the scene. The television is hanging on the wall. The stool was right in front of it. Then, behind the stool is his weight bench (but I like to refer to it as the table for all the junk that has no where else to find itself). Underneath the television is a table where he has his stereo and other electronics. This means that there is not that much room between the table and the weight bench. When I sit at the stool I normally have my feet up on the table, actually. So, can you kind of picture this?

Okay, so I have answered the phone thinking that he was calling to talk about something he saw on television or whatever, but instead he says: "You know that stool I bought at Wal-Mart to use with the computer?" and I of course said yes because I sit on it all the time and was there when he bought it. He continues on to say that the seat part caved in, causing the stand to fall over, and he ended up sitting on the floor with his arms tangled up in the weight bench. He said that the guy underneath him probably thought the roof was caving in (yes, that is what he said.... I don't really try to get inside his head). At this point I am laughing my head off! I thought it was the most hillarious thing ever... Does it come across well on the screen? I have been laughing about it all night.

After I got off work, I went over for a few minutes and saw 'the stool'. The seat is entirely off it and it is actually cracked in two places. This means that the middle part really did cave in and then the two sides gave out. The stool is bent... The television remote was off in some distant corner! And, me? I am laughing so hard I am pretty much crying! (He tells a good story, I could picture it happening!) I was there for like an hour and something would make me picture it, and off I would be laughing again! He informed me that it was not really as funny as I thought it was, but I think it is! I would have loved to be there for it, but he pointed out that it could just as easily have been me! That would not have been as funny... Anyway, so there is my story!

Tell me at least someone giggled... I know I don't tell stories like he does... I think I should try and convince him to become an author. And, maybe I am just in a weird mood and this isn't really all that funny at all... I tried, though!


  1. Yes, I laughed and you told it fine. I have, so far, been fortunate enough to miss the whole chair collapsing thing but I have had a chair roll out from under me when I went to answer the phone. Not funny at all.

    But, I'm sure if I were to tell it in detail it would be funny to someone else because it didn't happen to them, ya know?


  2. Yeah. If the incident had happened to me, I probably wouldn't have laughed either. It was just someone else... That being said, he laughed too, just not as hard as me.

  3. The remote flying is what got me! LOL!

    ::heh my wordverification is "backsi", sounds fairly appropos to the story!::

  4. haha, yeah, it was an hour later before I located the remote. He was saying it was in his hand, but since he went flying it could have ended up anywhere!


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