Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Third Day of the Advent Calendar!

Today on the tour is Booklogged from A Reader's Journal and Lisa from Book Lists Life and Alison from Homeschoolers Guide to the Galaxy.

(I think I am going to be glad to have 2008 over with. It's not going so well for the most part! There was a bit of a scare last night, so if I vanish, it means I had a family emergency...)


  1. Hi Kailana, thanks for visiting my blog and for the link. I hope you manage to stay out of emergency mode. This can be a tough time of year for many folks. Take some time for a cup of tea and a book :-)

  2. Thanks Alison. 2008 finishing itself uneventful would be great, but it sure isn't looking like that is going to happen! Thanks for participating in the Advent Calendar and stopping by!


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