Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Week in the Life of Me!

Well, I have had quite the interesting day... Well, week if I must be honest! And, you are going to listen to me ramble, right? I promise that there is a book-related point. If I made a list of the fun week I had, it would look something like this:

The Good:
Receive library card in the mail!
Browse the library catalog to see what I could get.
Try not to request more than ten books (I requested 9, and one ILL)
Receive a couple books in the mail.

The Bad:
Back-up and discover car is making terrible noise!
Come home, call mechanic, freak out to have to spend more money on car, nice mechanic fixed car for FREE!
Call about my cellphone that is supposed to be getting fixed, no answer. Answering machine is also full, so can't tell them to answer their phone like they are supposed to!

The Good:
Receive a very large amount of books in the mail!

The Bad:
Get in touch with the idiots that work at the phone company here.
Find out that they don't think cellphone can be fixed, but this is after they have no idea what I am calling about.
Attempt to be polite to people that don't have a damn idea what they are doing. Hang up.
The guy that I was talking to at the phone company calls back. INTRODUCES himself as the MANAGER! (Words don't describe how mad I am at this point.)
Finally talk them into fixing phone because of lots of stupidity on their part. (Yay!)

The Good:
I read...

The Bad:
Unemployment informs me that my very intelligent ex-employer filled my forms out wrong! I am now pushed back because of their stupidity.
Call my ex-manager to remedy situation. She can't talk. Wait a few minutes, get very annoyed, and call the next level up to get situation remedied. (He also was the one that screwed up and he didn't even have the balls to apologize for screwing me over!)
Break my glasses! I never break my glasses!
Do laundry... Actually pair socks up for a change because I am tired of not being able to find matches. (No, you didn't actually win. This is not because of your complaining, it is because when I run out of socks and steal some from you, I can't find two that look the same! Come to think of it, if you would stop stealing my socks, I wouldn't have to borrow yours in the first place!)

Get glasses fixed! Yay! (The comedian informs me that I look fine in my other pair, but I felt strange in them...)
Pick up new paper from work.
Get back from all of this, and go to use my cellphone. I can't find it! Freak out because it is actually the charming comedians second phone and he will KILL me if I lose it. Discover that even though I wear glasses, I am still apparently blind... After my life flashes before my eyes, of course.
Come back from all my adventures and begin to tell the charming comedian why I am not in a great mood. Decide I need coffee. Pour water in coffee machine, but forget the coffee! Tell the charming comedian that I promise not to burn the house down while making supper, but I don't think he believed me. He held of showering until the food was pretty much done...

So, yeah, it could be worse, but this week was a roller coaster ride on the stress levels!

In the midst of it all, today I got books in the mail! A big box of them that thrilled me to no end. I received:
The Duchess by Amanda Foreman
The Longest Trip Home by John Grogan
Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall
Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Gosselin and Beth Carson
Righting the Mother Tongue by David Wolman

All non-fiction... Non-fiction really does interest me more than fiction (with the exception of fantasy, of course) but I don't read enough of it! I almost read more non-fiction than fiction last year, though. This year I am back to keeping track of my reading, so I will be interested to see where I stand at the end of the year.


  1. had to laugh when you made coffee.. remembered the water but not the coffee...heh.. don't feel too bad, I've done that!

  2. I have forgot the water before too... I always cover all options! Or, the little thing that transports the water from where you pour to where it is filtered with the coffee, I forget to make sure it is in the right place so the water pretty much goes right back to where it started!

  3. Getting books in the mail is one of my favorite things - like a present, even if you are expecting them. I just ordered a few used from Amazon and can't wait til they get here. Glad to hear you got the cell phone issues worked out and hey, at least the mechanic fixed the car for free!

  4. Getting books is great! I am almost done one of them, actually. I love seeing packages when I get home. And, the box I got today was just awesome! Even if they aren't full, it looks impressive.

  5. Sounds like a very interesting week! I'm so glad to hear that you got your glasses fixed!! That's always a good thing :p

  6. Yikes, what a week! Thank goodness for the books. They can be a great temporary escape!

  7. Chris: I am so glad I got my glasses fixed too! I feel like me again... Although, I was browsing while I was there. I think I will get new glasses this year sometime.

    Teddy: Books are great! They totally brighten my mood. :)

  8. lol, forgetting the coffee sounds like the exact kind of thing I'd do. I don't have a coffee machine, but I've poured hot water in a mug with nothing by sugar and a bit of cinnamon, stared at it for 2 seconds trying to figure out why it was becoming a transparent brownish colour, and then realized I'd forgotten the cappuccino powder :P

  9. Good Lord. What a week!! I'm in the market for some new glasses myself. And I really need to get some new contacts. I miss being able to see that clearly. I'm as blind as a bat without anything.

  10. Nymeth: Yeah, I think it happens to everyone at some point and time. lol I clued into it before it really got very far, but I have done stuff that I am totally baffled on why it doesn't look right!

    Stephanie: There were these really nice green ones, but my current glasses are small frames and mostly frameless around the lens, so I am not sure if I want to go back to something so noticable. Not to mention I am blind and I really need someone with me when I glasses shop to give me opinions!

  11. What a week! The good: so many wonderful books. Keep smiling ;)

  12. Uh, yeah... I got more books today... *cough*

  13. thanks for making me laugh and shudder at the same time! Of course, we have the bus strike, numbingly cold temperatures, on the plus side IT'S FRIDAY!! yippee!!

  14. I try to make my complaining funny... lol I am glad if people laugh! It was just a day yesterday. I am much better today. :)

  15. Whew, someone has one crazy week lol!

  16. Tink: Yeah. It was just an annoying week...

  17. Eek... Lots of stuff going on but thank goodness you got your library card and books. I'm sure that made things a bit better right? :)

  18. Books make everything better, right?


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