Friday, February 13, 2009

A Brief Interlude

I was at the Charming Comedians house the other day and he was cleaning the fridge. I was talking about something or other and he couldn't hear me at all! So, I said nevermind or something along those lines... And then, he said "That's okay, it's not like you tell me the same thing twice anyway." I gave him a blank stare and he said "I knew you did that, you know."

OH! Turns out someone actually reads my blog! Oops! For those that are entirely confused, see number five on my '25 Random Things About Me' post...


  1. LOL!! Be careful what you write! Happy Valentines Day!! I reviewed a love story for today.

    Valentine's Post

  2. Hahaha that's cute! Gotta love it when they surprise you with such cleverness :P

  3. happy V.D. (ummm Valentine's Day)

    btw: the fact that you are always early and hate being late... that would be me too!!! actually there were others but most people I know aren't obsessed with being a little early.. but I am.

  4. lol...blogs can be dangerous like that :P

  5. Bluestocking: He didn't care, he had probably been waiting for days for the perfect chance to say it, though. lol

    Joanne: Yeah, he can be pretty clever. lol

    Deslily: Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    Nymeth: Yep, figures I say something 'bad' and he suddenly decides to start reading my blog!


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