Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Friends - Week Five

I started this post at 6:30 this morning. I really thought I stood a chance of having it up at a decent time, but then there was a pluming incident and the c.c. is at work. Sort of changed my afternoon!

Anyway, here are this weeks Friday Friends:

Debbie from Debbie's World of Books - I first started reading Debbie's blog because she commented on mine. Her blog is both a wealth of information and a great place for book reviews. I learn a lot visiting and she winds up adding things to my wish list on a regular basis! A blog that I am very happy to be reading!

Jen from Devourer of Books - Jen is one of the blogs I started reading because of the most recent Dewey's Read-a-thon. I also know her through Twitter, which is a recent join for me. She's a really nice person who just was blessed with her first child yesterday. She was attempting to read a book a day in the days leading up to the birth and I think she did a pretty good job. So, congrats Jen! To everyone else, you should visit her blog if you are not already.

Bellezza from Dolce Bellezza - I am not sure when I started reading this blog. I think it might be one of the ones that I was reading but not commenting on for a while. I try and say something once in a while now. Most recently she reminded me that I really need to get around to reading George R.R. Martin. The first book in his series has been on my TBR pile forever! I planned to wait for the newest one to come out, but I think I should probably get started considering how long it takes me to get around to series reads. I also really like the name of this blog.

Bethany from dreadlock girl reads - Another blog that I basically started reading with regularity after the Read-a-thon. She did a vlog with a chicken that I really enjoyed and I stuck around! It's a blog I feel I should have been reading anyways. Bethany has been reading the Anne of Green Gables novels. I wish sometimes that I could read them all over again and have it be the first time. Instead, I really should reread them, but I keep saying that and never actually do it. Still, a great place to visit. Plus, I just won a book over there! That is always a bonus.

Heather from Errant Dreams Reviews - I have been reading Heather's blog for at least a couple years now. I cannot even remember how I stumbled upon it. It's another of those blogs that I lurk more than comment, but I do still read! She reads a vast spectrum of books, so there is really something for everyone over there. A great blog for you to check out.

Esther, Nic, and Victoria Eve's Alexandria - Like the blog above, this is a blog that I have been reading for a while, but I don't seem to comment with any regularity. It is still a good read, though. I think I was drawn to it because of the title in the beginning. I have always had an interest in Alexandria, so I was interested in a blog that shared its name. The three ladies there read a lot of different books, so again, something for everyone! I am glad that I gave it a read back in the beginning.

Ex Libris - This is a blog that I have been reading for a while, too. I think the name might have been the starting point, but I found that I really liked this blog and stayed around to read it. Almost everything that she has read this year has ended up on my wish list. She reads a widespan of different genres, too. She is really good for reading books that don't get a lot of press, so I might not have heard of them otherwise. If you are not reading her blog, you should remedy that now!

Shannon C. from Flight Into Fantasy - I have no idea how, but I missed this blog for quite some time! It has a title that really calls to me because fantasy is pretty much my favourite genre. I am glad that I discovered her blog now and enjoy reading her posts. I spent most of my life knowing very few people that actually read fantasy, so now everytime I find someone new I get very excited by the concept. I used to feel like I was the only one that was doing it, so that is why the blogging world has been so helpful. Another blog to check out!

JCR from Frequency of Silence - Yet another blog that I have been reading for quite sometime. I also really like the name. This blog talks about a lot of things that make a person think. It also has a really cool backgroud. A blog about the important things in life. And, there is of course the fact that my blog is considered a 'hip place'.

Fyrefly's Book Blog - Another blog that I just discovered recently and am very happy to have! It is quickly becoming one of my favourite blogs. She is very organized like I wish I was. It is quickly becoming apparent that we read a lot of the same sort of books, so I am enjoying the book recommendations. Fyrefly is also the creator of the Book Blog Search Engine, which is missing from my sidebar after the blog makeover. I will have to remedy that. A blog that I plan on reading for the long-haul.

As to the button, sorry I never answered those that offered! I am not picky, really. I was thinking about Friendship balls, maybe, with the writing 'Friday Friends'. I am not sure if Friendship balls are universal, though. I just thought it would make a pretty background.


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    "Plumbing incident" sounds like a nice term for being up to one's eyeballs in crap, which I certainly hope is not your case.

    Kailana, it does my heart good to have you for one of my blogging friends, and thank you for the sweet words you left on this post. You are the Voice of Encouragement to me today. And, you really do need to read A Game of Thrones. ;)

  2. Goodness, girl, but you put me to shame! I can't believe you manage to read so many blogs on top of how many books you read! I know it's my loss in not reading all these fact, it makes me so sad that I just can't. But I'm so glad that I do read yours!!!

  3. I love all the different bloggers that you highlighted many new ones to check out and add to my roll!!!

  4. What are friendship balls?

  5. Anonymous9:42 PM

    That's such a nice idea you had of doing this! I discover many new blogs through your posts - I love meeting more new book bloggers! :)

  6. More blogs to check out! I have heard of a few of those, but not at all others. Where have I been? Another wonderful tribute, Kelly!

  7. Wow, thank you! It's a little humbling to be listed next to such great bloggers... and now I definitely have to check out those that I'm not familiar with!

  8. Quite a few that are new to me this time! I'll have to check them out. When I have time to bloghop regularly again, that is.

  9. You haven't read A Game of Thrones yet?! My goodness, Kelly, get on it :-) Actually, don't... you might as well wait to see if he will EVER finish the series before you get too emotionally involved!

  10. Awww, I just found this. Thank you so much for the mention!!


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