Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Friends - Week Two

Okay, so last week seemed to work out well. These are my picks for this week!

A Reader's Journal - I have been reading Booklogged's blog for a really long time! It's one of my favourite blogs, actually. I think because next time she comes to the east coast (of Canada) she has to visit me, and if I stop reading her blog she might forget! (I'm just kidding! Well, not about the visiting me part!) She does write really to-the-point reviews, though, which is nice when I am behind on my blog reading (which is almost always) and she is a really nice person! (She has left me nice comments on my blog over the years.) This is totally a blog that you should be reading if you are not already!

A Striped Armchair - I have only recently started reading this blog, so not a lot to say yet. It seems I started reading the blog when she took an unintentional blogging vacation. I have read her blog off and on since she started blogging, but for some reason kept forgetting to add it to my feed reader. Now, it is there, and I enjoy the diversity in her reading. Sadly, though, she has a better library than I do because everything that she reads that I want to, I can't get!

A Work in Progress - I have been reading this blog for a really long time, too! Danielle is great for the addition to the TBR pile and her list-making. I have several of her lists bookmarked for when I need some recommendations! She reads all over the board, has a TBR pile that I like to think makes mine look small, and writes really great posts! I think most people are reading her blog, but if you have somehow missed it, go remedy that now!

An Adventure in Reading - Another Canadian book blogger. Raidergirl (yes, I know her real name. No, I can't think of it at the moment. Yes, that's nothing new! I had the same problem with booklogged... ) is the host of 'It's Tuesday, Where are You?' and the co-host of the Bookword Game. Both fun ideas! I think, anyways. One of the reasons I was drawn to her blog is that she reads a lot of the great Canadian fiction that, you think I am going to say I read, too, right? WRONG! It's the books I want to read and haven't got around to yet. That being said, I think it probably works both ways. Truthfully, she is a Douglas Coupland fan, so really, I think we are both accomplished Canadian readers because he is a very good Canadian author, right? So, yeah, read her blog and not my ramblings! - Another blog that I have been reading for a really long time! Keishon is the host of this blog and I think she does a very good job! She writes both book reviews and articles that are usually pretty interesting. We might not always have the same taste in books, but she does make me consider stepping out of my comfort zone from time to time. She has also been telling me to read Megan Whalen Turner, and I finally did! I have the second book out from the library at the moment, so I plan to carry on. I also plan to review book one in this century because I don't think I have yet! Another blog that if you are not reading, you should be!

Back to Books - I am afraid to report that I think Nicola was reading my blog way before I got around to reading hers regularly. Bad me, huh? She does have a wonderful blog! She is ten times more organized with book reviews than I am, that's for sure. And, she reads a lot of great books! I can thank her for introducing me to Darren Shan, for example. (Which I promise to read more of as soon as my library understands that I don't want the first book in the series... We are slowly getting there, but really, how hard is it to understand that the website says book five and they keep sending me book one?) I find Nicola's reading can be very similar to mine, which is good, because if she reads a book I was considering getting I will decide what to do based on her review. She hasn't steered me wrong, yet!

Bart's Bookshelf - I started reading this blog because I kept seeing it around. It's actually right up my alley, so I have no idea how I missed it before! Then, there is the whole fact that he reads my blog despite the fact I tend to look like I have a few screws loose when I comment on his blog... Anyway, a fellow fantasy/science-fiction reader and reviewer. What's not to draw me to this blog! Plus, you have a couple days left to enter his giveaway and win FREE BOOKS! Yes, that's the magic words, right?

Becky's Book Reviews - Becky is my partner for the Nerds Heart YA event of the summer! Yay! A lot of blogs have talked about this lately, but I will direct you to Vasilly, who will direct you to two give-aways and a post about the event. This is called being lazy, right? I like to think of it as time-saving. Anyway, Becky is a reading machine! She reads so many good books it boggles the mind! I really like reading her reviews and seeing what books I want to add to my TBR pile, because, really, it happens all the time so you should just expect it. You never know, she might beat Nymeth in bad bloggers this time around... Anyway, a great blog hosted by a great person. A must read!

Bermudaonion's Weblog - I think I started reading her blog because she read mine and commented... Or, maybe I just see her comment all over the place! I only started reading her regularly since the 24-read-a-thon, so that does not exactly make me a great expert on her blog. I will say that I really enjoy reading it, though! There is always a lot going on and she documents it so well. This is a blog that I am looking forward to reading more regularly!

Beth Fish Reads - Another blog that I am still new at reading, but I am enjoying it so far! Beth is currently listening to the Study trilogy by Maria Snyder. That is one of my favourite trilogies, so I am very happy to see that she is enjoying it! She also very good at reading and reviewing. I wish some of these people would rub off on me! Mind you, I don't think I would be me if I didn't complain about being behind on reviews, huh? Anyway, like the above blog, I am looking forward to reading this blog in more detail!

Is ten a good number? Too many? It takes forever to write the little blurbs, but I really enjoy this feature!


  1. Ohhh, Kailana, you are too, too sweet. I'm loading the car tomorrow, where shall we meet? I wish it was real, but it's not. Candleman has a job that's usually really busy in the summer so we haven't been able to take a summer vacation since that last one to Canada. Were we not blogging buddies in 2007? I can't imagine why we didn't arrange to meet.

    On the other hand, the business Candleman works for is closing its doors on June 30. You can see the problem - no money for a trip. I think he'll be able to find a job and he does have his retirement coming in, so not to worry too much. I hope.

    I have a solution - you come to Utah! What do you think? You and Raidergirl can come together. I like it!

  2. Booklogged: You didn't come to my neck of the woods, you went up the other coast. We discussed your trip and gave you pointers, but I think we had just started reading each others blogs around the same time you planned the trip!

    I hope you do get a chance to visit again one of these days, and, yes, a trip down to Utah would be wonderful! You never know, I might be knocking on your door in the future!

  3. I love this feature! I'm learning about so many great blogs I somehow missed.

  4. This is such a great feature. I'm finding out we follow many of the same bloggers and I'm also finding some new blogs to read. What fun!!

  5. Memory: That's great!

    Suzi: I'm glad. :)

  6. Hey Kailana! Good post. And on that note, I awarded you a literary blogger award. :P

  7. It looks like we follow many of the same blogs but you are also adding to my list. How could you! LOL!

  8. Thanks, Ames!

    Teddy: lol, sorry! :)

  9. Another lovely group of people! I had no idea you and Eva had only "met" recently. I guess that because you're both among my oldest blogging friends, I'd assumed you knew each other all along :P

  10. I really like this feature, too. Are you going in alphabetical order? It's a really thoughtful thing to do, Kelly :-)

    Hope all is well. I will send you an e-mail one of these days!

  11. Ana: Yeah, I imagine there are lots of blogs I have read here and there and never added to my reader!

    Aarti: Yes, alphabetical seems to be the easiest way, so that will mean that you are probably either the next segment or the one right after! :)

  12. Wow! I'm so flattered to be on you list. You've highlighted some terrific blogs -- and there are a couple that are new to me. I see my Google Reader growing!

  13. These are great! I already read a few but the new to me ones look great too! I think 10 is a good round number :)

  14. Am loving this feature! If ten at a time takes too much time, five is also a good number?

  15. Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog! It's so nice that you're doing this. I enjoy reading you, too, and am always amazed at the sheer number of books you can get through! If only I could do the same my TBR stacks might not be quite so big! :)

  16. Beth: I am so happy that people are liking this. It's hard to know what to say sometimes. I am glad people are being introduced to new blogs!

    Joanne: Glad you agree on the ten! Hope you enjoy any new blogs you discover.

    Li: Thanks! I think 5 would make it take forever to get through all my blogs. Even ten is pushing it, so I think I will stick with that.

    Danielle: haha. If I read my own books and not library books my piles would get smaller too! lol Thanks, though!

  17. I somehow missed this post last Friday but went and read it, too. This is a great idea because it shows bloggers how much you appreciate them (and what you appreciate about them) and it gives readers some new blogs to check out. Great idea.


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