Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Essay Reading Challenge

Another challenge I really enjoyed last year was the Essay Reading Challenge. To sign-up yourself head on over to Books and Movies! I have no idea what I am going to read for it this year, but I am joining in again anyway! Here are the details:

~ This challenge runs from January 1, 2011 through November 30, 2011.

~ If you read a book of essays, that book can also apply to any other challenges you are working on.

~ Choose a goal of reading 10, 20, or 30 essays, and then write a challenge post, linking back to this post. Feel free to copy and paste the above image into your challenge post.

~ Copy your challenge post’s link into Mr. Linky below.

~ You don’t have to list your essays ahead of time – just have fun reading throughout the year.

~ I will put up a page for the challenge in my left sidebar, and add a Mr. Linky for essay reviews and wrap-up posts as the year goes on.

~ Everyone who completes the challenge and writes at least one review will be eligible for the giveaway prize: A copy of Best American Essays 2011.

~ I will put up a wrap-up and giveaway post sometime early in December – that’s why the challenge only runs through November.

I think I will aim to read 10 and then if I read more, great! Last year I read books of essays, so that made it easy.

1. That's the Way we Roll by Neil Peart
2. Every Road Has Its Toll by Neil Peart
3. Shunpikin' it Old Skool by Neil Peart
4. Haste Ye Back by Neil Peart
5. The Hour of Arriving by Neil Peart
6. The Best February Ever by Neil Peart
7. South by Southwest by Neil Peart
8. When the Road Ends by Neil Peart
9. Independence Day by Neil Peart
10. The Drums of October by Neil Peart

11. December in Death Valley by Neil Peart
14. Under the Marine Layer by Neil Peart
17. Autumn Serenade by Neil Peart
18. Fire on Ice by Neil Peart
19. Time Machines by Neil Peart
20. Theme and Variations by Neil Peart
21. Cruel Summer by Neil Peart

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