Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Reads - 17th Edition

November is not off to a good start. I figure I have read 232 books so far this year, so I will just have to be happy with whatever I manage to read from here on out. I am hoping November will improve, but today I have had plenty of time to read and keep putting books down. I have bookmarks sticking out of about 10 books and a few books started on my e-reader. I am just not feeling anything. It's frustrating! There is just so many freaking books in the world that I want to read. So, instead I am listening to music and attempting to catch-up on blog posts.

I have this idea to talk about WWI or WWII related topics on the four Saturdays in November. Of course to do that, I will have to finish something. I always have such wonderful ideas, but am terrible at the whole follow through. This week has had a lot happening, too, so it is partly lack of time.

I don't even know what to say I am currently reading because I am not sure if I will actually finish anything I have started lately. I did start Alice I have Been by Melanie Benjamin and am enjoying that so far. That's something. For those that weren't reading my blog earlier this year, her newer book The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb was one of my favourite reads of 2011. You can read my review of it here.

Otherwise, I have no idea what I am reading. Hopefully I will be back on track next Friday... It is not just reading. You should see me switching through the music as I am writing this.... I am apparently moody about that, too!


  1. I don't feel so scattered now... I have bookmarks sticking out of six books and I'm listening to an audio book. The audio is getting my attention because I've been outside doing garden clean up and leaf raking.

    I liked Alice I Have Been although I had a difficult time with the creepiness of the Alice's relationship with Dodgson.

  2. I definitely understand how you're feeling. I'm participating in NaBlPoMo (posting on the blog every day) and it requires more brainpower and follow through than I'm used to.

    I had the same problem recently when it comes to too many books and not enough time/attention/what-not. What if you limit what you're reading? Made a small pile of 3-4 books to read and stick to it?

    Right now I'm reading a graphic novel called Feynman then I'm off to continue Atwood's newest book.

  3. My September was that way - just couldn't seem to find time - or the desire to read. Fortunately, it's back. I finished the first volume of Fables today - loved it!

  4. Don't feel so bad because you're not alone. I feel scattered and find it difficult to concentrate on anything. I have at least 4 books with bookmarks in them, and had a goal to read 150 books this year. (Any other year this would have already happened but since I was going back to school and all I thought this was at least doable..but alas at 35 out of 150 I feel quite disheartened). Maybe's it's the season...whatever it is you are not alone.

  5. My life is often like that too. Just go with it and enjoy doing other things for a while if none of your books are grabbing you. Hope your focus comes back!

  6. good lord kelly lol.. I haven't broken reading 50 books yet! I am just glad that I know I will be able to say I've read a book a week all year... not my best reading year but to be honest I am ok with it.. just as long as I always have a book to go to.

    I liked "Alice I have Been" very much.. and liked Mrs Tom Thumb too!
    They both were a little different for me to read but I sure liked them!

  7. Bah! ;) I don't even know how many books I've read this year. Maybe 12?

    I hope you continue to like Alice I Have Been. I listened to it earlier this year and really enjoyed it a lot.

  8. **Leslie: Yeah, the relationship between Dodgson and Alice was creepy...

    **Vasilly: I haven't been setting any guidelines. I will eventually pick something up and kick-start my reading again.

    **Carrie: Yeah, I usually have a couple months a year where things just don't work for me. Life happens, I suppose!

    **The Literati Press: Yeah, I keep starting things and then getting bored. It's sad...

    **joanna: Thanks!

    **Pat: Melanie Benjamin's books were both really good. I was happy to have read both of them.

    **Trish: Well, you have a lot going on in your life... My friend that has a month old daughter was telling me yesterday she hasn't read really at all and she really misses it. Reading keeps me centred, so when I don't read I tend to get frazzled...


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