Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thursday's Tales - Week 1

Carol at Carol's Notebook has this Thursday feature called Thursday's Tales that I have decided to adopt. I actually had a similar feature a few years ago called Fairy Tale Friday. I really wanted to read the complete edition of Grimms' Fairy Tales and a few others. I never managed to keep it up, though. Well, actually, maybe I never did it at all in the end. I can't seem to find the posts I think should exist. Moving on... I decided to retry reading Grimms' Fairy Tales just to start it off. I also have a few other collections and there are some that came with my e-reader.

A trait that often appears in fairy tales is the idea of things happening in three. For this particular story, there are three brothers that first attempt to catch the thief stealing apples from the king's tree. The first two brothers fail, but the third finds out that there is a Golden Bird stealing them. This launches an adventure where each brother attempts to find the Golden Bird. The first two brothers even are advised by a fox what to do, but they still fail. The third brother is ultimately successful, but not without a few problems along the way. He knows to listen to the fox, but he doesn't always do so. It doesn't matter, though, because he wins in the end. I liked this story better than one where the first two brothers don't listen at all, but when the third brother comes along he does everything perfect. This put a bit of a different twist on things.

This story is just silly. The main character is not the sharpest tool in the shed, let me tell you. The story starts off with him going home and being paid with a piece of silver the size of his head. It is very heavy, though, and he quickly finds someone willing to trade for it. This continues until he is once again carrying a heavy stone. This time it is just a regular rock that he loses in the water and discovers just how lucky he is that he doesn't have to carry it the rest of the way home. So, all the people he has traded with wind up with treasures and he is excited to get home and tell his mother just how lucky he is. He doesn't seem to care that he is going home empty-handed. It doesn't say, but it makes you wonder just how happy his mother was about the whole story...


  1. That was a fun post...I have a book of fairy tales that I should make time for!

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  4. I love fairy tales...they're not just for kids; in fact, kids hardly know them any more! At least the ones in my experience. Perhaps I should have them read your post(s)? Or, at least pick up a volume of fairy tales. I guess I'll have to start be reading them aloud. Such wonderful stories that shouldn't be missed. I have a special spot for Hans Christian Anderson's, too.

  5. **Staci: You should!

    **Bellezza: I know. It is like The Muppets. Kids of this generation have no idea what they are and with all the voices dying and retiring... It really isn't the same... And classic fairy tales have been destroyed by Disney. Kids honestly think that they are truthful. They are not!


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