Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tuning in on Thursday

We tend to tune in for movies and television on a mostly regular basis. I posted a general look at what I have been watching a couple weeks ago, but I thought I would talk a bit about what I have seen since.

Older Shows

NCIS - We are up to the fourth season on our rewatch. One of these days we will make it to the newest season that I received for my birthday. We didn't watch it on television religiously, so I am rather curious what happened! We can only watch so fast, though, and other things have been vying for attention.

House - I received the newest season on DVD for my birthday. I still haven't sat down and started watching it. I have had other things going on. The guy will watch it, but it is more my show than his. He isn't big on needles. My thing is anything to do with eyes... This also means I haven't watched any of the season airing on television. I have been hearing it is gone in a strange direction, though.

Bones - I decided to go back to the beginning and watch all the episodes of this show. I have made it through one. Very sad! I really like this show, but I just never remember to watch it unless I happen to catch it on television...

New Fall Shows

New Girl - I haven't watched this show since episode 3... I have episode 4 to watch, so maybe tonight we will at least watch that one. I am not even sure how far behind that makes us. I have to admit I REALLY liked the first episode, but then there was a cast change and I was a bit disappointed...

The Secret Circle - I have also fallen behind with this show. Did I mention I am really bad at keeping up with things? I have all of them to watch, but I just haven't got around to it. We might have to pause on NCIS and catch-up on a few things!

I have also fallen behind on Pan-Am and A Gifted Man. I really suck at keeping up with things!

Once Upon a Time - I LOVED this show. The first two episodes were awesome! I love fairy tale retellings and this has been a lot of fun so far. I think the guy even likes it. He doesn't really say because he is basically forced to watch it! I cannot wait for more!

Grimm - There has only been one episode of this so far. It is another fairy tale-type show. I am intrigued, but I can't say I loved the first episode. I look forward to the next one to see what I think of it. I think I will keep watching no matter what.


The Three Lord of the Rings Movies - I watched these and then decided to join in for the read-along of The Fellowship of the Ring. I am thinking I will have to rewatch the movies after finishing Return of the King in November. This is only the second time I have seen the extended versions of the movies. I have to admit it had been so long since I had seen the older versions that I probably missed a lot of the changes. It was still great to watch them. It was the first time that the cc had seen the extended versions. It gives me a good basis to compare and contrast the books as I reread them.

Jane Eyre - I finally read this book, so it was perfect timing for seeing the new movie. It was actually pretty good. It wasn't amazing and probably not my favourite movie ever, but I thought it was true to the book enough to be worth a watch. There were a few scenes that were cut out I would have liked seeing, but nothing major. It was a perfect Gothic movie for this time of the year, actually. I am glad I finally read the book and watched the movie.

Rebecca - When I read this book last year I knew I was going to have to watch the movie. It is the Alfred Hitchcock version and you can actually watch the entire thing on YouTube. I was very happy to have the chance to watch this! It was really good, I must admit. I think it perfectly captured the atmosphere and the mood of the classic novel. I am going to see about tracking down a copy to own.

Seven Year Itch - The guy wanted to watch this movie because of the classic Marilyn Munroe scene where her dress flies up. Overall, nothing amazing, but not a terrible movie. It is about time I got back to watching classic movies after doing rather well with it earlier this year. I have many more that I want to watch!

Volcano - I had actually seen this before, but the guy was home sick from work and he was having a movie night. I didn't see everything he watched, but I did watch this one. It is pretty good Tommy Lee Jones movie. It was nice to see the little girl from Now & Then. I loved that movie!

Bad Teacher - We actually watched this last night. It had its good parts, but overall I think most of the good scenes were in the trailer. My favourite Cameron Diaz movie remains The Holiday. That was actually on television the other night and it was nice to get a chance to see parts of it again. I will have to get my own copy at some point.


  1. Oooo, I also just adored Once Upon a Time...great stuff :D

  2. I'm another House fan! This season is a little different, but I'm getting used to it. I've been meaning to watch Rebecca as a movie ever since I read the book last year. If Alfred Hitchcock did it, it must be good :)

  3. Rebecca is my favorite Hitchcock movie! I love Once Upon a Time so far. I thought Grimm was ok, but I'm not completely hooked yet.

  4. I haven't seen Once Upon a Time, but hope to eventually.

    I've been watching re-runs of The Guardian on Netflix while keeping my hands busy with embroidery. Very satisfying.

  5. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I watched Grimm and Once upon a Time too. I actually liked Grimm a little better.

  6. I was SUCH a die-hard House fan for the first four seasons or so and then I totally dropped off with it. I need to catch up and see what Dr. Crazy is up to!

    I've been DVRing Once Upon a Time and Grimm but haven't gotten to watch yet. I'm excited!

  7. I loves Once Upon a Time. Grimm is really good too. I'm looking forward to it this week. I have kept up with The Secret Circle. Boy is it ever getting good.

    I just watched Jane Eyre a few weeks back and I really liked it and thought it was well done.

    I'm bad for forgetting when all these shows are on too. I need to sit down and make a list. Lol, gotta have those lists when you're getting up the in age. Lol.

  8. Well, clearly I have to start watching this Once Upon a Time show. I didn't realize it was so good! I admit I don't like the main girl in it, who was Chloe on How I Met Your Mother last season and was a little annoying.

    I also am watching more classic films! I just recently watched Charade.

  9. I liked Once Upon a Time as well! I'm going to keep watching it for a little while and see what happens.

  10. The billboard for Once Upon a Time always catches my eye. When I see it, I think, Oh I should watch that! But then I promptly forget about it.

    I just caught up on the last two weeks of The Secret Circle this week. I am really digging it.


  11. I love Once Upon a Time! I cannot wait to see where it goes this season. I agree that it is too soon to judge with Grimm. So many good creepy shows this year!

  12. **animewookie: Once Upon a Time just keeps getting better and better!

    **Trish: I am glad the new season of House gets better. I will watch it at some point, but first have to watch the DVDs I got for my birthday. You should just watch Rebecca on YouTube. It was very convenient.

    **Melissa: I am not completely hooked on Grimm yet, either. I haven't seen the second episode yet, though.

    **JenClair: I hope you get a chance to see Once Upon a Time. We are big fans so far!

    **Carolsnotebook: I am hoping Grimm will grow on me. The first episode was good, but nothing amazing. I still have to watch episode 2.

    **Andi: I love Dr. House. He is simply one of the best characters on television. :)

    I hope you enjoy Once Upon a Time and Grimm!

  13. **Darlene: I am glad you enjoyed both Once Upon a Time and Grimm. I need to get around to watching the second episode of Grimm. I need to get around to The Secret Circle, too.

    I thought Jane Eyre was pretty good, too!

    I thought about making a sticky and sticking it near the television, actually...

    **Aarti: Yes, the main girl was on House and I don't mind her, but I did see her on How I Met Your Mother a couple times and she was a bit annoying.

    I am not sure what I will watch next. I have a few options.

    **Kim: I am glad you are enjoying Once Upon a Time!

    **jehara: Yes, Once Upon a Time was the show I was looking forward to the most this season and I actually forgot to watch the first episode!

    I am glad The Secret Circle continues to be good. One day I will catch-up!

    **Michelle: Yes, I am sure the second episode will decide me for Grimm, but I haven't watched it yet.


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