Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuning in on Thursday - Week 6

I missed last week, so now I am probably going to forget to talk about a few things... I should have written things down! Let's see how I make out...

Older Shows

NCIS - We watched maybe one or two episodes of NCIS, but then the other night when it was time to watch something I put a movie on. I just need a change. We will probably resume our re-watching in the New Year.

Bones - I have paused on watching this show. I have too many things that I want to do, so I will probably pick this back up in the New Year, too. I have been dropping many, many hints about getting the seasons of this show on DVD. I don't think they registered...

Big Love - I also paused on this show. I never even finished the first season... I got a bit distracted with other things, but I do at least want to see how it plays out. I will have to find a bit of time for it soon.

Sherlock Holmes - I am not sure where to put this, so I will stick it in here. I decided to finally watch the show that is done by the BBC. I mentioned that I was and now I am buddy watching it with Suey from It's All About Books. I watched the first episode a few nights ago and really enjoyed it. Suey has caught up with me so I should be watching episode 2 tonight or tomorrow.

New Fall Shows

Once Upon a Time - I continue to love this show! I am amazed that every Sunday I watch this show with the guy. This is a very unheard of thing. For one thing, I didn't expect him to even like the show. Then, there is the actual sitting down to watch a show when it is actually on. There is one Sunday a month where the guy is at work for it, but otherwise we are religious watchers.

Grimm - I think we are an episode behind in this show. Friday nights are just a bad night for planned television watching. We will have to catch-up sometime soon. I don't think we are going to be home for this weeks episode either.


This is where my memory will have to start working...

The Muppets - This is the new movie that is playing at theatres. We went to see it a couple weeks ago. I was very happy to get a chance to see it in theatres. I don't go to the theatres very often, so you know a movie is special when I make the effort (and pay the ridiculous price). It was fun to visit with old friends. It really is The Muppets for a new generation, though. The voices are different. I just can't imagine The Muppets without Frank Oz, for example, but the newer generation wouldn't really know any different. I think they should have made more of this franchise when they had the chance.

This was one of my favourite parts of the movie (this is changed a bit):

Muppet Family Christmas - You can actually watch the entire thing on YouTube. When they released it on DVD they didn't include some of the songs because they didn't want to pay the fees, but this is the original movie in its entirety. I was so excited! I'll probably watching it again with the guy because he was saying he hadn't seen that movie in ages. It was just a nice trip down Memory Lane.

The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson - Jim Henson makes a cameo at the end of the movie above, so it got me thinking about him. I found out that this was made. I probably have seen it before, but it was so long ago I only have vague memories. I think he would have really enjoyed his tribute. It also lead me to finding this video, which everyone should watch:

The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years - It is hard to believe that The Muppets are now 50 years old. I think it was a bit disappointing that more of a big deal wasn't made about it. It really was just a money-making period by releasing the older movies on DVD. I appreciate that, but I still think they should have had some fun with it. I really wish Jim Henson had lived longer. As you can tell the new movie put me in a Muppet mood. I still have to watch Muppet Christmas Carol and I am getting Muppet Treasure Island for Christmas. I just love Jim Henson. I have his other movies, too. I collect them every time they are released on DVD.

Moving on...

A Single Man - I am a bit of a thief, but I am attempting to broaden my music and movie horizons. On Wednesday's I have been posting about music that Ana recommended for Debi. And, well, I have also been browsing the movie selections. I really hope Debi doesn't mind! Anyway, Chris recommended this movie for her and I really like Colin Firth. Apparently this movie had some award buzz. Did I mention I live under a rock? I probably did hear about it, but I didn't pay attention. I really liked this movie, though. It was a very different movie for Colin Firth, but he acted in it very well and the movie itself was overall done well. (And, wow, what a contrast from The Muppets!)

I know there were probably more, but I can't remember.

And, you know what? I can tell you easily where my love of science-fiction came from: Star Trek. I have always struggled with an answer for the fantasy question, but it is so apparent now... Jim Henson. Have you ever seen the greats like The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth? (Also, watching the Jim Henson Tribute reminded me that I have misplaced my DVD of The Storyteller. That is sad...) Anyway, he was my earliest influence, so it is easy to trace him from those movies to my fantasy reading. I bet you needed to know that desperately, right? And, yes, I am bit of a nerd. Puppets are cool, though!

Moving back on the correct subject, I came across a challenge tonight that fits with my current goal of attempting to broaden my movie horizons. It is called The 2012 Movie Madness Challenge.

Movie Madness @ The Talking Teacup & A Girl, Books & Other Things


· Record each movie you watch. You don’t have to review any or all of them but at the end of each month make a post with the list of movies you have seen that month and a final tally of 2012 to help keep track of it all.

· There are four levels in which you can attempt to achieve:
25 Movies: Movie Newbie
50 Movies: Movie Fanatic
75 Movies: Movie Critic
100+ Movies: Movie Master

· Mini Series count but only as ONE movie, as do Television Series (the entire series and not just single episodes)

· The movies don’t need to be new, old favorites also count.

· We will post a monthly update at both The Talking Teacup and A Girl, Books & Other Things where you can also share your progress in the comments if you are not a blogger, and we will show last months leaders and what not.

· Have fun with this guys!
My List:
1. 16 Blocks (Watched January 6, 2011) (review)
2. The Invasion (Watched January 6, 2012) (review)
3. 28 Days (Watched January 7, 2012) (review)
4. Mercury Rising (Watched January 8, 2012) (review)
5. Gothika (Watched January 9, 2012) (review)
6. Horrible Bosses (Watched January 14, 2012)
7. Valkyrie (Watched January 15, 2012)

I still haven't made up my mind about book challenges for 2012, but I am going to join this one for sure. I think I will sign-up for Movie Newbie, watch 25 movies, and then take it from there.

If you are interested in joining yourself the information is all found over here.

I will probably keep these posts up in 2012... If anyone is bored I wouldn't mind a button for it...


  1. I'm hearing such great things about Once Upon A Time, can't wait for it to be available on dvd! And what a great challenge you found, I might just join that myself!

  2. I LOVE Sherlock Holmes!! The BBC version is sooo good. I can't wait for more to be release, I hope they are going to release some more at some point :)

  3. What did you think of last week's Once Upon a Time? I'm heartbroken over The Hunter. He was hot! ;-)

  4. LOVE Once Upon a Time.

    And REALLY love the Movie Madness Challenge! I'll be a Movie Master well before Dec. 31st, 2012. Just sayin'. I'll go sign up for the challenge and I'll be an official participant. Thanks for posting this!

  5. I am totally heartbroken over the last episode of Once Upon a Time. I wonder why the Queen is even living in our world- it makes no sense to me why she would come here. I assume that will be explained in future.

    Also, happy blogiversary! That post of yours somehow disappeared when I wanted to comment.

  6. **joanna: I am sure they will release it on DVD ASAP. That seems to be how things go nowadays...

    **bethany: I really need to find time to watch the second episode!

    **Vasilly: I was shocked they killed someone off so soon! I think I need to rewatch it...

    **Julia: Once Upon a Time is great!

    I am glad you are joining in for the movie challenge. :)

    **Aarti: Yes, I hope they do explain that... On the one hand, there is a lot going on, but on the other hand I don't want them to run out of ideas too soon!

    And, yes, sorry about that. I 'tweaked' it a bit, which was a pain because I was having blogging issues...


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