Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Are You Listening to Wednesday - Week 5

Debi at still with nothing of importance is doing this project where she had some of her favourite people send her lists of books she should read, movies she should watch, songs she should listen to, etc. Ana, from things mean a lot, sent her a list of songs that I will be working my way through over the coming Wednesdays.

I am a bit late in the day getting this post up because the guy is working back shifts and was asleep for most of the day. I figured I would wait until he was awake and I could properly listen to the songs for this week.

The Songs for This Week Are:
O.K. With My Decay by Grandaddy
Go Long by Joanna Newsom
Tear in Your Hand by Tori Amos
Virus by Bjork
Thickets by Patrick Wolf

I was a bit 'meh' with last week and I felt bad. I think if this week was the same I probably would have thrown in the towel because Ana is a friend and I don't want to write posts about how I don't like her music. This week started off much better than last week, though. I really enjoyed the first song. I was intrigued by it when I glanced at my song choices for this week because that is an interesting name for a song. The song itself turned out to be really good. The video is terrible... I am thinking I will be exploring Grandaddy a bit more.
Moving on... The next artist is Joanna Newsom. The music is beautiful and I really enjoy the lyrics, but I don't like her voice... That disappoints me because she seems rather intriguing judging by this one song. Maybe I would like her voice better on a different song? I see she has lots to choose from. (I got a bit distracted and explored this idea a bit. Frankly, I don't like her voice, but the music is wonderful. I think I will have to see if her voice grows on me.)
And then there is Tori Amos. She is a singer I have heard lots about between bloggers and Neil Gaiman. Her songs even play a part in the short story collection Fragile Things. I explored the CD that was mentioned at the time and I didn't really get the big appeal. I have since explored her a bit more, like with this song, and she is way better than I thought. I can see why Chris, Ana, Carl, etc all really seem to enjoy her music. And, the best thing is that I like her voice, she has written wonderful lyrics, and the music is beautiful. It is the full package.
The next musician is Bjork. I had actually heard of her before, but I don't know if I have ever heard anything by her. The funny thing is that I am playing the music through our surround sound system and the one where most of the talking (or singing in this case) would be focused was pointed at where Casey was sleeping. I think she was trying to figure out what the noise was. I am not sure if that makes her pro or against Bjork. I personally would have to listen to more of her songs to really say with any assurance. She's not terrible, but the weird noises in the background are a bit to get used to.

I couldn't find a decent video on YouTube for this song.

And lastly we have Patrick Wolf. He is very intriguing I must say. It is almost like the music is doing one thing and then he is singing something entirely different. I am not so sure how to explain. I am really curious about him now. I got a bit distracted listening to a couple of his other songs and I am not entirely sure what I think yet. I just like it because, for me at least, it has a very different sound from the 'norm'.
This music project is a lot of fun. I think if I went back and listened to last weeks music now I would have an entirely different thought about it. I seem to be in a different mood this evening. I look forward to the songs for next week!

So, has anyone else listened to any of the songs I have been talking about? Thoughts?


  1. What a fun project idea, interested to see what else she recommends!

  2. I'm so glad this week went well :D I wouldn't be upset if you didn't like the songs, of course, but I also wouldn't want you to force yourself to listen if our music taste turned out to be very different :P

    I do hope Joanna Newsom's voice will grow on you, btw. Chris used to hate it too and look at him now :P

  3. **Amy: I am looking forward to next weeks books. :)

    **Ana: I am glad this week went well, too. I am looking forward to more next week. And, yes, music is no different than books as regards taste, but still...

    Oh really? I enjoy everything else by her... So, I have hope!


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