Saturday, March 17, 2012

Technology Fail

Well, today is off to an interesting start. Last week I noticed my email was acting strangely because things that used to go to my junk folder were showing up in my inbox. I just marked them as junk and went along with things. I had mostly just been replying to emails. If I hadn't, I would have noticed that my contact list was gone. I went to send an email today and their email wouldn't come up. I clicked on my contact list and there was one lone address out of all the ones I have had saved there for years. So, I spent a bit of time earlier going through my old emails and adding contacts. If we haven't talked lately, though, I probably do not have your email... So, if you have been thinking lately it is time to catch-up, you should drop me a line and make sure I have your address.


  1. Oh, that sucks! Are you with gmail?

  2. That sucks. I sent you a quick email, just in case mine was one of the addresses lost. I hope you get your contacts back!

  3. This technology is wonderful and we get so used to and spoiled even, but it's a real pain when it decides to run a muck. I hate when one day the computer does one thing and the next day it does something else!

    I see your 2012 Reading Challenge to my right - WOW! that's a healthy number. Looks like you're knocking those books off mighty fast.

  4. What a bummer!!! I totally owe you an email…life has just been…well…life lately :p I'll catch up soon though!!

  5. Oh no!! That sucks! Do you have any idea why it happened, or maybe will your email provider help you get them all back?


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