Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week in Review (11)

Random Thoughts

It has been another quiet week reading-wise. According to GoodReads I am still a bit ahead on my reading goals for the year, but that doesn't help all the books I should be reading and haven't. Not to mention instead of required reading this weekend I read the first two books in a trilogy that was a bit of a light read. Where I stopped reading for like a week, I decided to ease myself back into the experience. That means I still haven't done a lot of my 'required reading'. We will just have to see what this week brings. There is so much I 'should' be reading it is kind of overwhelming me at the moment, so I will think about it when I finish the third book in the Jennifer Estep series I am working my way through.

The other thing I am thinking about today is April 14th and how it is the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking. It is hard to believe. We are discussing doing something special on Historical Tapestry for the event, so I also need to figure that out. Then, this week marks the start of the Once Upon a Time Challenge. I am looking forward to it! I all ready rearranged my bookshelves to put all the fantasy-related books in one spot. It should be fun as always.

Also, just a reminder that the next day for the Poetry: Read More/Blog More is March 27th. It is sneaking up on us quickly! Lu will have the Mr. Linky this month. I look forward to people joining in!

Challenge News

I haven't been paying much attention to challenges the last couple weeks. I need to remedy that!

Weekly Reads

A bit of a cheat, but I blogged about them and figured they should count. You can read my thoughts here. (Personal Copy)

For those of you worried about this being your child's first experience with these books, I want to point out that other than using pictures of things from the books, they don't really tell the story at all. For example, this one starts with '1 Governess'. The other one starts with 'white rabbit'. And then there are corresponding pictures. Thoughts on this one also found here. (Personal Copy)

I actually found this at the second-hand bookstore. I was shocked! I never find graphic novels second-hand. I also have a few of the books in this series out from the library, so when I read the rest that I have I will post then. It is a really fun idea that works really well, though. (Personal Copy)

Jennifer Estep is an author that I have been reading off and on since the end of last year. I happened upon this book and its sequel at the second-hand bookstore the other day and decided to give them a read. They are not perfect. You can easily tell that they were her first books, but they have a lot of potential and I really enjoyed reading this one. The big pluses were the fact that it is a group of Superheroes, not something I read a lot, and that it focuses around a strong female character. It is a bit clich├ęd at times, but overall a fun read.

Weekly Posts

Random Interlude (aka Bought a New Camera)
What Are You Listening to Wednesday - Week 15

New Additions

I am really disorganized on this at the moment. I need to take a moment and figure out what I have and haven't posted about. I know I said I would do it last week, but then last week got busy. I will try and do it this week!


  1. Perhaps you need a break from "required" reading. I find it's always so much pressure. I'm really bad at it ^_^;

    I'm behind too with my GR goal... but I'm sure I can still catch up :)

    Surprised you find a graphic novels at a UBS too. I think it's because usually, graphic novels have such a specific clientele... they usually sell to one another directly.

    Glad you're enjoying the Bigtime series :) They're not perfect, but still a lot of fun :) Good thing though Ms Estep didn't make this series too long!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I'm behind in my reading goals too. I had hoped to be farther along by now than I am. Ah well. Goals are just guidelines, right?

    Sometimes, it is so nice to take a break from the obligations and just read something much light and fun. It is so cathartic. Enjoy!

  3. My reading began very slowly this year, but is beginning to pick up once again. Funny how that happens--just like when you have a run of very good books, then a run of mediocre or bad books.

  4. Me too with the challenges. In fact, I signed up for two that I've not read a thing for yet. Luckily they run all year but even so... It hasn't helped that, like you, I seem to be having a reading lull. Oh well, I'm sure that that too shall pass. :-)

  5. One of the reasons I cut back on review copies was to avoid having that "should be reading when I don't really feel like reading them" feeling.

  6. Sounds like you've been having one of those weeks huh? I get in the mood to just read whatever I want more often than not and it's all good. The review books will get their turn!!

    Have a great week!

  7. I'm way behind on my reading too. I don't know what's going on. Hopefully things get better for both of us.

  8. I am having a really slow reading month too and am not doing amazing on my challenges so don't feel bad!

  9. Ooh! I love these Book Lit board books! My daughter has ROMEO & JULIET and PRIDE & PREJUDICE. I think I need to get my hands on these two as well!

  10. Is it already time for spring? Wow. I am really proud of my reading efforts so far this year, although I can't say the same for my challenge reading. Oh well. At least I am finding time to read, right?

    I hope you have a great week, Kelly!

  11. Required reading tends to make the most interesting book a little less interesting. I was going through and making my reading pile for the week and I was going through the books that were due for a review. None of them seemed to grab my attention, though I know I agreed to review them because they had grabbed my attention. Ah, but sometimes they will surprise you.


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