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What Are You Listening to Wednesday - Week 14

What Are You Listening to Wednesday is a meme started by Dolce Bellezza.

This post is a bit late, but I decided to wait until I had the house to myself and could really concentrate. This week I am going to be posting about 10 songs. I listened to 5 songs off Ana's list and 5 songs off Vanessa's list. When I started this project I was just going through Ana's list in order, but decided that I was going to start using to decide my choices for the week.

From Ana's list I listened to:
46 - 'Lost Cause' by Beck
25 - 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' by The Smiths
32 - 'The Only Living Boy in New York' by Simon & Garfunkel
45 - 'Neighbourhood #2' by The Arcade Fire
37 - 'The Jeep Song' by The Dresden Dolls

'Lost Cause' by Beck:

Thoughts: I have quickly discovered with Ana's songs it is as much about listening to the songs as paying attention to the lyrics. I always try to make sure to both listen to the song and, thanks to YouTube, familiarize myself with the lyrics. I have heard Beck before, but I was not familiar with this song. I actually really liked it. I wasn't sure with the first listen, but as I listened it grew on me. And, I think getting a feeling for the lyrics was a benefit. A keeper.

'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' by The Smiths

Thoughts: This was actually on my list to listen to before I changed my methods, so I had been listening to it for a while. I was all set for a week and then didn't get a chance to post. I think this song is my favourite off the list for this week. I have to say that following Ana's list has been hard for me because we actually listen to entirely different music, but I am starting to benefit from it. In the beginning I was not sure this was a good idea, but now I am so happy that I am sticking with it. I am starting to change my ways and find new music to explore. Also, this song makes me think I need to watch the movie 500 Days of Summer.

'The Only Living Boy in New York' by Simon and Garfunkel

Thoughts: I was very happy to see Simon & Garfunkel on this list. I actually quite like them and I had this song to begin with. I went through a period at the end of last year where I was listening to them while cooking supper. It was a nice trip down memory lane. I actually consider a few other of their songs more my favourites, but I do really enjoy this one. They are very talented and Simon and Garfunkel: The Concert in Central Park is one of my favourite concerts ever!

'Neighbourhood #2' by The Arcade Fire

Thoughts: Well, for those of you that do not know, Arcade Fire is a band from Montreal, Canada. They had a really good year last year... maybe the year before... and we were hearing about them all over the place. I have to admit I didn't quite get it when I heard them perform. I am still not so sure that I get the big deal over them. They do write very interesting lyrics, someone on YouTube calls them prophets, but they didn't really call to me at all. It is not even as though this song is bad. I just feel like I am missing something. I am thinking I might have to listen to them more. Maybe get a CD by them? (Saying that, I am humming this song at the moment, so maybe they are growing on me...) (I have to say that they do write some very good lyrics. I just got distracted browsing some of them...)

 'The Jeep Song' by The Dresden Dolls

I wasn't able to find a decent video of this song... If anyone has one, please share the link!

Thoughts: Well, first of all I had no idea there was a song called 'The Jeep Song'. I had heard of the Dresden Dolls before, but I was actually saying the other day that I wasn't really aware of what they sang. When they came up as a song choice for this week I was curious. So, I listened to the song and I couldn't help saying 'Seriously?'. Then, I looked up the lyrics and had a similar reaction. I can't believe this song actually works, but it does. The Dresden Dolls are a bit of an acquired taste, I think, but they are worth exploring a bit more.

Overall Thoughts: I actually didn't mind any of these songs. I am not sure if they will all become favourites, but none of them really bothered me. I actually think I might explore some more songs by each artist. If anyone has any suggestions please share them in the comments. Thanks Ana!

From Vanessa's List I Listened to:
112 - 'Between the Bars' by Elliott Smith
31 - 'Search and Destroy' by Iggy and the Stooges
48 - 'Being Boiled' by The Human League
57 - 'Heartattack & Vine' by Tom Waits
89 - 'Touch Me I'm Sick' by Mudhoney

'Between the Bars' by Elliott Smith

Thoughts: So, apparently Ana and Vanessa are Elliott Smith fans. I had never heard of him before, but I listened to 'Waltz #2' back on week 10. Unfortunately there were many other things on my mind that week, so he sort of fell through the cracks. I was happy to have the chance to go back and explore him a bit because he did spark some interest with that song. He is very different than what I normally I listen to. I tend to listen to livelier music, so I am slower to appreciate him than some. I have to say, though, I am really starting to enjoy him. I am planning to explore more from him. Thanks to Ana and Vanessa for bringing him to my attention!

'Search and Destroy' by Iggy and the Stooges

Thoughts: Well, this was quite the contrast after listening to Elliott Smith. I had heard The Stooges before, but I am not so sure this was one of the songs. Punk is another type of music that I have not entirely come to love. I listened to this song several times, but it just didn't grow on me. That being said, I browsed other songs by them and I do like a few here and there. That's saying something!

'Being Boiled' by The Human League

Thoughts: I had never heard of this band before. This song is catchy in its own way. I enjoyed it for the most part and am curious about more from them. They actually seem to be still around. (And, upon a bit of exploring I have heard some of their songs before. I am bad with names.)

'Heartattack & Vine' by Tom Waits

Thoughts: I had heard of Tom Waits before and this song, so I was happy to re-listen. It had been ages since I heard it. I wasn't even entirely sure how it went any more, but I have been listening to it off and on for the last little while to refresh my memory. I wanted to concentrate on the songs that were on the actual list, but I think I am going to get one of his CDs. Thanks for reminding of him, Vanessa!

'Touch Me I'm Sick' by Mudhoney

Thoughts: As far as I know I have never heard of Mudhoney before. They do illustrate the importance of listening over and over again, though; because when I listened to them the first time I was not quite sure. I actually like it, though. It is apparently a song that grows on you with time. I actually find it almost catchy once it gets going.

Overall Thoughts: Well, Vanessa, I have come a long way with my music tastes. I remember when we were younger I didn't always get what you were listening to, and vice versa, but I would like to think I have progressed very well. In junior high I probably would have been trying to think of a polite way to get out of this music project, but instead I am very excited about it. Actually, between this list and your blog I have discovered you listen to a lot of music I never pictured you listening to. You have surprised me. And, I didn't really start listening to bands like Iron Maiden until I was older, so I have a very different taste in music now than I did before. I look forward to the next batch of songs!


  1. totally digging these playlists!!!! Some songs I haven't heard in like forever and then cool new ones to me!

    1. Glad you are enjoying! I am having a lot of fun. :)

  2. LOVE these posts Kells :D There is a Light that never goes out is one of my all time favorite songs :D Glad you liked that one!!! Arcade Fire is definitely a band that will grow on you. You should definitely get one of their cds ;) Their newest, The Suburbs, is REALLY good!! And did you know that Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman's wife, is the lead singer of Dresden Dolls??? Fun, huh? Oh and I LOVE Elliot Smith too :D

    1. Thanks for your suggestions, Chris! I will see about getting The Suburbs to listen to. The whole time I was watching the Dresden Dolls I kept thinking she looked familiar. Now that you said it I knew that and just forgot. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. I love "The Only Living Boy In New York" -- I discovered it on the "Garden State" soundtrack years back and have listened to it faithfully since! Lots of great songs here.

    1. I need to watch 'Garden State' it seems.

  4. Glad you enjoyed my list so far! :) LOL I had to kinda laugh thinking about the possibility of this project happening during junior high! I would not suggested this music either. I would probably have been like, "yay Korn!" So yeah, that would have been terrible.

    For a Tom Waits album may I suggest Rain Dogs? That's a great one.

    I'm a big fan of Beck. He's made a lot of different types of music over the years. I enjoy his eclecticism and humour. "Lost Cause" is one of my favourites by him. Actually, that whole album is great (Sea Change). But I also really like his albums Guero and Odelay. They sound nothing like this song but they are worth checking out.
    "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" is a wonderful song. Also from a great album (The Queen is Dead).
    I'm not a huge fan of Simon and Garfunkel but I really like "The Only Living Boy in New York" (which I also discovered on the Garden State soundtrack).
    I never got super into The Arcade Fire. But I really like a newer song of theirs called "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)"

    1. Yeah, I still don't really enjoy Korn, so I am glad I missed out on that experience. :)

      I got a copy of Rain Dogs and have been listening to it. Pretty good so far! Not so sure about the instrumental stuff, but it might grow on me.

      I also got a copy of Sea Change, but there are only so many hours in the day and I haven't got to that one yet. :) Once I get a chance to listen to it, though, I will decide if I want to investigate the others.

      I played The Queen is Dead last night while I was reading. It was good background noise. I still don't know if I *love* them, but I will listen a bit more before deciding.

      And, yes, 'Sprawl II' is good. I listened to it after I read this comment. I think I might get that CD at some point. I kind of overloaded on things last night, though, so I will need to wait.

  5. That Beck song always breaks my heart. And Tom Waits … he is an acquired taste but I love some of his stuff!

    1. Yes, after listening to a CD by Tom Waits I know what you mean. Some songs I enjoy, but others I am not so sure about yet.

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    these posts are great! today's lists have some great performers. thanks for sharing these with your thoughts on each and overall. very enjoyable.

    ~L (omphaloskepsis)

  7. I'm so glad the project is going well for you and that I'm not making you endure music you actually hate :P Some of the bands I love are indeed acquired tastes and take a while to grow on you. If you want to give The Arcade Fire another shot I'd really recommend the album Funeral. I think that's the best thing they've ever done. Althogh yes, Sprawl II is an amazing song!

    Also, I'd be really curious to hear your thoughts on 500 Days of Summer. Strong feelings about that movie, I haz them :P


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