Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pin It and Do It: A Pinteresting Challenge

Trish from Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity is hosting a challenge for the month of May that is all about Pinterest. I wasn't sure what to make of it initially, but I wanted to give it a try and took advantage of someone offering out invites. (I sadly cannot remember who that was...) I go through spurts of using it, but I do very diligently pin books I want to read to the appropriate board. It is just the easiest way for me. Then I occasionally go through and look the books up in my library catalogue and record if I can get a book there or not. It was very helpful when I had Christmas gift cards. I just looked through what I had pinned and pretty much everything I bought came from there. It was easy! (Well, sort of. I take a while to make up my mind...)

I was going to share what my boards look like, but I can't remember how to take a picture of my screen...

This is what Trish has to say:

The Details:
1. To participate you will choose your level and then make (or do) that amount of pins during May 2012. Challenge ends May 31st. (can be new pins or old pins...doesn't matter)
2. Report back on your Pin It and Do It success. Ideally this will come in the form of a blog or tumblr post. Or you can post about it on Facebook or Flickr if you don’t have a blog or tumblr. Or create a board on Pinterest for this challenge. If none of the above, report your success in the Wrap-Up Post comments.
3. Anyone is welcome to join. If you need an invite to Pinterest, let me know your email address and I’ll send an invite.

The Levels:
Timid Pinner: 1-3 Pins
Pinterested: 4-7 Pins
Pin Obsessed: 8+ Pins

Some Pinterest Etiquette and Courtesies:
--If you create a pin from a post, make sure you are pinning the true URL of the post and not the main website so folks can easily find the link again.
--When you create a pin, try to include the website in the description of the pin.
--Do not include the entire recipe or instructions in the pin description.
--If you embed a pinned picture on your own blog, make it clear that it is not your original picture--a link back to the original blog post is always appreciated.

And other little tidbits...this does not have to be a food or crafting challenge. Saw an interesting photography lesson? Click! An outfit you'd love to put together? Yup! Organizing idea for around the house? Go for it! A workout Regiment? Kick butt! Really this challenge is endless--you just need to tell us what you pinned and what you did. Make sure to note the original pin wherever you complete your wrapup (or if you do progress reports) to give the originator credit.

My Thoughts: 
I am primarily thinking about reading some of the books I have pinned saying that I want to read, but I am hoping to branch out a bit. I took over a very small corner of Twitter a couple days ago discussing this journal idea and plan to get supplies for it. I don't do a lot of crafty stuff, though, so we will see how this goes. I could also cook something, but I didn't even have a board for that until a couple days ago. I will probably spend a few minutes in the next few days organizing my boards a bit and thinking up some ideas for things I can do other than read.

In the meantime, I will say Timid Pinner and take it from there.

And, while I am on the subject of Trish, I will take a moment and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLE! (A day late, I know...) I hope you had a very fun day! (And that your parents made many memories.) (Actually, it is probably still the 25th where you are, so I am not actually late.)


  1. My resistance is waning. LOL Seriously, I know I *shouldn't* join this, but I really, really, really freakin' *want* to!
    And Kelly, that journal idea--OMG, that is awesome awesome awesome!

  2. Okay, I think I'll try this! I do often make simple recipes from Pinterest, so maybe I'll try to do something harder, or some craft thing.

  3. Pinterest is so addicting. I swear half my night is dedicated to looking at stuff on that site.

    This is a great challenge idea! I have a ton of pins with ideas that sounded interesting but so far have only used the baking recipes I've found there. I'll be interested to see what pins you decide to do. :)

  4. Love the journal idea. I just reprinted it. Thanks for pointing it out.

    This is a fantastic challenge. I wish I was in mindset to participate. Have fun with it!

  5. I love Pinterest and am signing up for this now. Good luck on your pins!

  6. FIRST--you are SO sweet to wish Elle a happy birthday here. :) Thank you for thinking of us.

    Second--YAY!!! I'm glad that you've joined and your enthusiasm is certainly infectious. As for as doing a screen print, I think I just hit ALT-PrtScn (but also have a PC). And then I do a ctrl v (or paste) in Paintbrush.


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