Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pinterest and Snapshot Saturday - May 26, 2012

Day 19: a favourite place (sunset at Hall's Harbour)

Day 20: something you can't live without

Day 21: where you stand (view off back deck)

Day 22: pink

Day 23: technology
Day 24: something new
Day 25: something unusual

Other Pictures:
Sunset at Hall's Harbour

Kiwi, my sister's rabbit. 
Back Yard Weeping Willow
Silly Casey
If the blanket gets moved she seems to not mind.
Postcard from Kansas
My Mother's Day Present for my mother. Bit late... (She is halfway through book 1 and liking Carr so far. Thanks Marg!)
Postcard from Care.
"Be vewwy quiet.... I'm hunting June bugs!"
There's one! (Sorry about the quality. She moved..)
"I look down on you all'
"Ooh! Spider!"
I kind of got obsessed with the weeping willow...
The shed has a roof. Just needs to be painted.
Postcard from Washington
Looking at the moon
I was getting something out of the freezer and I had a visitor.
I didn't do anything for Pinterest this week, either. I keep thinking the books I am reading apply, but I just assume I have pinned them and haven't...


  1. I love this meme! And you have some great pictures today. Kiwi is adorable, and the "Silly Casey" picture is great! And of course have to do a shout-out for the entry for pink!

  2. Great sunset photos--sky photos can be difficult. And I always love your captioned cat photos. :)

  3. This is such a great meme! The picture of the cat on the hangers made me laugh.

  4. I love this meme too and am planning to participate in JUNE :) I never get tired of seeing photos of cats in action :):)

  5. The cat photos are great. I,too, love the VR series.Carr just puts you right in the scene. Glad to hear your Mom is enjoying the books.

  6. Great set of photos! I have a cat who can get anywhere, too. Gotta keep an eye on her.

    My Snapshot

  7. Love those sunset shots!

  8. You always have a great assortment of pictures! I think my favorite this week is the weeping willow with that pink sky -- beautiful!

  9. Wow! So many good shots this week! I love the picture of the sister's bunny ... so sweet and your moonlight shot and your first view of the harbor and the roof (that needs to be painted? haha!), and that weeping willow ... ahhh! you can practically hear the breeze in the long branches!

  10. Those sunset photos are gorgeous!

  11. Lots of great pictures! I love the sunset shots and the cat on the hangers. That is definitely an unusual picture.

    Here's my Snapshot.

  12. Day 22 just gave me the giggles!!! I love it!!

  13. Awesome pictures. Wonder what grabbed the cat's attention that it stood on the hangers!

  14. Love all of your photos! What program are you using for the frames??? They are very very cool!

  15. Love the pictures especially the pink! ;-)

  16. Anonymous4:42 PM

    these are great! love your animal pics and scenic ones as well (to include the grill--yes, indispensable).

    ~L (omphaloskepsis)

  17. Oh this post made me smile!! I love the harbor pictures and you're right--Casey walking along the hangers is unusual! ;) But I have to take issue with the "Blondes have more fun" poster. Ha!!

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  19. Loving the picture meme/challenge. Halls Harbor looks very pretty! And such a cute bunny! Love the name kiwi for it too.


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