Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week in Review (20)

Random Thoughts

We waited too long to get Casey fixed apparently. She was crying up a storm last night and actually attracted some neighbourhood cats to our front steps. We are obviously going to have to take her to the vet... Other than the visitors she hasn't been too annoying. I am not even sure she was calling out to the cats; she was attacking June bugs through the window screens last time I was paying attention to her. They were out in full-force and she was captivated. I don't even really notice them unless I am outside typically, but Casey tends to change things. The guy went outside for something and killed 11. They were everywhere! They are also early.

Now she is sleeping the the sleep of the angelic... 
Moving on, remember my very nice picture the other day of my coffee maker for 'A Smell I Love'?
I don't have it any more. The stupid glass pot fell out of the drying rack the other night and shattered. I tell you, things are made so horrible these days! It was like 9:30 at night, so we went to see if we could find a replacement. The glass pots wouldn't work in our maker and we couldn't find a replacement maker, either. So, we lucked into this coffee maker incorrectly priced:
The plus part of it was that it does not have a glass pot. As our current maker was only about 2 months old because I broke the pot out of our other one; I was pretty ticked off with them. This one is actually pretty cool. You can make a pot of coffee like pictured above, or you can use travel mugs. With the travel mugs you can use 1 or 2 at a time. I was going to take a picture with the travel mugs, but the guy has gone travelling with one of them. I am sure this is very boring, but it is a new toy and I think it is cool...

Postcard Project

I am having lots of fun with my postcard project. It turns out all this time I was missing Missouri, so I will have to recount how many I actually have. I received these this week:
Nebraska from Danielle
Rhode Island from Care
Kansas from Melissa
Read More/Blog More - A Monthly Poetry Event
The posts should be up from May 28 to May 31. I hope people join in! Lu will have Mr. Linky this month.

Trish's Pinterest Challenge

Operation: Use My...
I continue to take a picture every day. I am having a lot of fun with it all! You can see the pictures from this past week here.

Challenge News
I read The Long Earth which can count for the Terry Pratchett Challenge and I am going to say Once Upon a Time. Dark Frost also counts for Once Upon a Time. And, The Unseen counts for the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge.

Weekly Reads

I finally read a Terry Pratchett book this year. Yay!! It was really good, too. This will be a buddy review with Nymeth in the future. (e-book/review copy)

This is such a cool idea!! Check out the website. (Personal Copy)

The latest Mythos book. You can read my review here. (e-book/review copy)

The latest from Katherine Webb. This is for a TLC book tour in June. (Personal Copy)

New Additions

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman


  1. Fun post, and the cutest cat. Good luck with all your postcards.

  2. Those coffee makers are really nice. The coffee will stay warm most of the day as well. I used to love mine during college. Brew a pot, finish it off, brew another one to be waiting for quick stops back home in between classes. Or, that 4PM need for a quick me up cup. Gawd I went through some coffee back then!

  3. Cannot wait for that Pratchett joint review!! Squeal :-)

  4. When our kitty went into heat she drove everyone crazy! It's no fun that's for sure!! I think getting a new coffee machine is cool! I love looking at them. What does that say about me???

  5. A coffee pot is an incredibly important appliance. If mine broke, I would definitely need to replace it joking.

  6. Can I come take organization lessons from you? Seriously, how do you keep track of everything you have going?!!

  7. Aw, sorry about the cat. That's not fun. That Dear Photograph book is awesome!! I have never seen that. Just pinned it to my Books I Need to Read board. LOL


  8. Hello Kelly,

    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

    Do check out for rules on accepting

  9. I can't wait to read your thoughts about the new Pratchett. I have a copy of it but haven't started reading it yet. Thanks for the reminder about the poetry event too!


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