Saturday, June 02, 2012

Pinterest and Snapshot Saturday - June 2, 2012

Operation: Use My Camera

This was a success. I took pictures everyday in May! I am hoping to continue to do so in June.

Day 26: 12 o'clock

Day 27: something sweet

Day 28: the weather today

Day 29: a number

Day 30: your personality

Day 30: something beautiful


Day 1: morning

Other pictures: (Kind of a quiet week for pictures. Lots of rain...)
The guy threw out his old lunch bag and Casey claimed it.
I did a book purge. Always kind of sad...
Casey thinks everything is a toy...
I managed to use my day by day journal everyday in May. This means one successful pin for Trish's challenge that wasn't reading a book. That's a big deal for me!
I am using a London postcard from Nancy (Bookfool) as my divider for June.
Casey all tired out from running around crying...
Postcard from Tasha. (Sorry about the flash)
Iowa crossed off my list. Thanks Jeanne!
Iowa again. Thanks again, Jeanne!
Postcard from Minneapolis. Thanks Sam!
I used this picture on May 5 for Bird(s)
Same trees on June 1.
Just some flowers because it was a quiet week...
I am pretty sure this is the bush that my mother moves around with her when she moves... A lot bigger now, though.

And, that's it... Hopefully better days this week.


  1. You are the absolute model of success, Kelly my dear!!!

    Btw, *finally* mailed your first post card today. Bet you were beginning to think I was never going to get around to it, huh?

    1. haha, in some areas, maybe, but I am a failure in others!

      That's great, Debi! Did you get the one I sent you? I bought one for your family, but haven't got any stamps. I don't want to brave the traffic this weekend, so will probably be next week before I mail things.

  2. I admire your new interest (is it a new interest?) a photo a day.

    Instead of a writing journal, yours is a photo daily journal or combination of the two.

  3. It's interesting to see what you pick for the day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. As always, such a fun variety of photos! Congrats on meeting goals. :)

  5. You are so perseverant! So many neat images ... you must always be looking at things with the idea of the photo a day project ... yes?

  6. What a fantastic job you did. Congrats.

  7. Such fun photos! I'm always especially enamored of your Casey pics. Figures, eh? I've been doing more book purging, too. It is HARD!!!

  8. The splash of color photo (the personality one) is my favorite.

  9. Two postcards because my husband and daughter couldn't agree on what was the more typically Iowa scene...corn, or a treeless landscape!

  10. Yay! Glad that one of the postcards made it to you! :)


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