Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - June 23, 2012

Day 16 - Out and About

Day 17 - In Your Bag
Bag of random postcards from my mother.

Day 18 - Something We Don't Know About You
People keep buying me Mickey Mouse stuff. I am not really a big fan.

Day 19 - Imperfect

Day 20 - Fave Photo You Have Ever Taken
Maybe not the best ever, but I like this one enough to be my background.

Day 21 - Where You Slept

Day 22 - From a High Angle

Other Pictures:
Airplane Again
Brooding Clouds
Postcard from Debi
Postcard from Memory
Postcard from South Carolina
Postcard from Missouri
Postcard from Mississppi
Cute kitty
Neighbours Cat
Redone Driveway
Being Silly
Book Fell Apart
Random Artwork Postcard
Chopin Postcard
Orwell Postcard
Movie Scene Postcard
Sculpture Postcard
Cat Watching TV
Sunset at Hall's Harbour

Cat on the Fridge
Trekkie Cat (Tribble)

Postcard from Melissa

Postcard from Care

North Carolina Postcard

Postcard from Debi

Postcard from New Zealand

New Zealand Postcard

The cat still has her head.
Postcard from Jenners

Postcard from Florida
Getting My Fables Fix

Issue 1


  1. I can relate to the Mickey Mouse thing - my family bought me pig knickknacks for years without my knowing why. Then we found an old video of a family get-together with my mom telling everyone how much I just loved pigs. We all laughed so hard about that, and I no longer receive pig gifts.

  2. You're so good about taking pictures -- I wish I was better. Your pictures of the sky are gorgeous!

  3. I love postcards, my children just decided to start collecting their own. My best friend gets me salt and pepper shakers and I couldn't figure out why until I remembered one day when we were at a museum and I bought a set to start a collection, which my dog later broke when I washed it and left it on the counter.

  4. I love the way you post your collections of photos -- so interesting.

  5. Another fabulous set of photos - I love the neighbour's cat, and the book fell apart, My Saturday Snapshot post is at

  6. Interesting shots--a nice peek into your world.

  7. You're eventually going to have so many postcards!!

    And I had to laugh out loud at the Mickey comment. I used to be OBSESSED with Tinkerbell and have so much stuff with Tink but now that I'm grown I'm not really sure what to do with it. I guess I could eventually save for Elle but...

    Gorgeous sunset.

  8. So is there a story behind why everyone gets you Mickey stuff? And I LOVE your sunsets!

  9. I wonder why people keep buying you Mickey stuff? That's too funny!

  10. Your collection is really coming along!!! Good to see! And what a diversity of postcards and photos and cats... oh my!


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