Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week in Review (23) - And Once Upon a Time VI Wrap-up

Random Thoughts

I call this 23, but I missed a couple weeks in-between. I just didn't have much to talk about and didn't want to bore you. So, this will be a combination post. My reading basically sucks, but I did manage to finish a few things this week. I have decided that short and quick is the best. Hopefully I can get back in my groove soon. There are so many books that I want to read and they are just sitting around waiting for my reading to get better. I feel like I have struggled all year. It is a bit depressing!

Postcard Project

I posted an update for this on Friday and posted the new arrivals in my Saturday Snapshot post. I won't bore you with another version. 

Poetry: Read More/Blog More - A Monthly Event
I think our Poetry meme needs a bit of an overhaul, but if people are still interested in joining in the posts for this month are due from June 25-29. The wrap-up is on the 30th.

Operation: Use My...
Month 2 of using my camera is going well. I still haven't come up with my project for July. I plan to keep the camera usage up in any case and am just waiting for the July prompts. I am thinking either the barbecue or the slow-cooker will be for July.

Once Upon a Time - Wrap-up
Quest the First:

1. Karma Girl (Bigtime Series, Book 1) by Jennifer Estep (Completed March 17, 2012)
2. Hot Mama (Bigtime Series, Book 2) by Jennifer Estep (Completed March 18, 2012)
3. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Volume 2 by Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill, and Company (Completed March 18, 2012)
4. Hunting Kat by Kelley Armstrong (Completed March 22, 2012)
5. Kat by Kelley Armstrong (Completed March 22, 2012)
6. Jinx (Bigtime Series, Book 3) by Jennifer Estep (Completed March 22, 2012)
7. Dragonsong (Harper Hall Trilogy, Book 1) (Completed March 23, 2012)
8. The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen and Rebecca Guay (Completed March 27, 2012)
9. Spirits in the Wires (Newford Series, Book 13) by Charles de Lint (Completed April 3, 2012)
10. Fables - Cinderella Volume 1: From Fabletown With Love by Chris Roberson and Shawn McManus (Completed May 7, 2012)
11. Fables - Cinderella Volume 2: Fables are Forever by Chris Roberson and Shawn McManus (Completed May 9, 2012)
12. The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter (Completed May 13, 2012)
13. Dark Frost: A Mythos Academy Novel (Book 3) by Jennifer Estep (Completed May 16, 2012)
14. Hex Hall (Hex Hall Trilogy, Book 1) by Rachel Hawkins (Completed May 20, 2012)
15. Heirs of Prophecy by Michael A. Rothman (Completed June 17, 2012)

Weekly Reads

This is everything I have read since my last post...

You can read my review here.

This was for a buddy read with Carrie. It is still not done...

This book isn't out until later this year. You can expect a full review then, but I liked it!

You can read my review here.

You can read my review here.

I read the first 4 issues of Fairest on Friday. It was fun to catch-up on with some of my favourite characters.

An interesting start to a new graphic novel series. I look forward to seeing where the later books go when I get a chance.

This was good, but not sure it is for me. I would have to read more to decide entirely.

This one was good, though. I think I will check out more from the series.


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I made it about halfway through the photoaday challenge before I fell apart and forgot to take and post pictures. Now I'm too lazy to play catch-up and am just waiting for next month.

  2. It looks like you're staying plenty busy. I don't think your reading is bad at all.

  3. You did wonderful for Carl's Challenge! Far better than I did. This year has been horrible for me for reading, it's getting slower and slower. I blame discovering jewel blitz on Facebook, I play that every night! I know I"m working things out in my mind, but still, I'd like to be reading more. I hope things pick up for you too, soon. At least to where you feel happier with how you are reading, I think your totals are amazing.

  4. Congrats on all of the reading that you got done! Looks like you did a great job!

  5. Um, uh oh. When did we say we were going to read Lottery? I can read it next, I think.

  6. Boooo. I am interested in poetry. I just forget about it. I'm not sure what the solution for me is. More time to read?

  7. My reading tends to ebb & flow too. I think it's normal.

    I have a hard time finding other bloggers who like poetry, so I've really been enjoying sharing this challenge with you all.

    I'm not a very tech-savvy blogger, but if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

  8. I've really enjoyed your poetry challenge. Knowing I'm going to make a post the last week of the month makes me look for some poetry to read. I've never read poetry on a regular basis, just a poem here and there. So I think this is great. I know it is hard to host a linky party so I appreciate your efforts. I have a post up, Edgar A. Guest. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  9. Great reads for Once Upon a Time! I noticed Dragonsong--have you read Dragonsinger? It's possibly my favorite Pern book! And I've got to check out Fairest...looks fun!

  10. My Read More, Blog More post is up on Come sit by the hearth. It's on "living a haiku life."



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