Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Operation: Use My...

Well, for May and June I did Operation: Use my Camera. I successfully used it at least once everyday during those two months. I would like to continue, but it doesn't need to be a project any more. I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed with other things at the end of last month and couldn't think of anything else. I have one for this month, though!

Operation: Use My Barbecue

The situation is such. The one in this picture was way too small. We had a horrible time utilizing it and I would have to cook part of the food inside. So, thanks to end of season sales we have a new barbecue. It is just not set up yet... This is why I have been humming and hawing about posting a topic for this month because the barbecue might not even be usable. This new barbecue has a side burner and three burners inside. I could ideally cook every meal on it if I wanted to. The more we cook outside the less heat that I have to produce using the oven/stove inside. And, I need to experiment more. So, hopefully this week the new barbecue will be up and running and I will post success stories. (Or disasters).

What are your favourite ways to use your barbecue? Recipes you recommend? Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. Oh. I thought from the title you were going to get into the habit of using elipsises (sp?)... and I was intrigued. I like them myself lots.

    Although barbaqued food is rather nice too...

  2. We got rid of ours when we moved and I can't have one at my current apartment - it's one the things I miss most this time of year. I used to cook on it practically every day. Here are a couple of ideas:

    Grilled vegetables - cut up some yellow squash, zucchini,sweet red peppers and asparagus (tip part only), mix with a little olive oil, pepper, paprika. Pour onto a sheet of aluminum foil (a piece big enough you can fold it over the top). Grill on medium heat for 5-10 minutes, open and stir and continue to grill until done to your liking (I like mine a little charred!). To help keep them from sticking, spray the foil with a little bit of non-stick spray.

    Corn on the cob (in the husk) is also good. soak the corn in the husk and cook directly on grill, turning periodically until done.

    The cooking in foil trick works good for firm textured fish as well - a little olive oil and seasonings or some marinade (our personal favorite is teriyaki sauce with some fresh pineapple cubes thrown in.

    Have fun!!

  3. I use the grill as often as possible!!!

  4. We just got one too! Still needs set up. I am really looking forward to having an outdoor kitchen. I hate heating the house up when it is hot outside (which is often). I'm looking forward to your future posts about using the grill. Maybe we can all share. I see that Daphne has made some excellent suggestions. I need to learn to use mine :)

  5. DEFINITELY GRILL PIZZA. It is delicious on the grill. Here's a great link for how to do it:

    I also like the no-knead pizza dough that Jim Lahey came up with. Would probably be excellent on the grill, too!


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