Monday, July 02, 2012

Social Media...

Hi everyone,

I had a busy weekend, so I am trying to do a whole bunch of things today... I wanted to at least post something, though; so I thought I would share all the ways that you can follow me. I don't know if I ever really have, so here we go:

Twitter: bookishnerd
Tumblr: The Written World (Or maybe you have to search for Kailana?)
Instagram: bookishnerd
Goodreads: Kelly (Kailana)
Shuttercal: bookishnerd

I don't have a Facebook account for my blog, but I do have it under my real name if anyone is interested.

I look forward to new followers. Enjoy your Monday! (Which is a long weekend Monday for many Canadians...)


  1. You're everywhere! :D

    So wish I had a phone just so I could instagram. :)

  2. What is shuttercal? I have never heard of that before! I follow you on pretty much everything else, though ;-)

  3. I am blogging less these days, not much time or motivation to use what time I do have to craft the posts. I am finding though that the other social media avenues are much simpler and quicker for me ...for now. I am using Goodreads more frequently and Facebook too. So watch for a Facebook friend request . Oh wait, I don't recall your last name. Email me your Facebook info so I can send a friend request, if you do not mind. ;)

  4. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I'm trying Shuttercal for #photoadayjuly. I'm softdrink. And still stumbling around, so I'll have to try to find you. :-D

  5. I can follow only your blog.
    I'm still reading Moby Dick. Slowly.


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