Monday, August 27, 2012

A More Diverse Universe Blog Tour

A Reading Event!!

The whole event will be hosted at Booklust.

It is pretty simple: The tour will run from September 23 to 29, 2012. In order to participate you just have to read one book in the speculative fiction genre that is written by a person of colour.

If you go to this post on Aarti's blog you will find a place to sign-up for the event to ensure visitors will know you are participating. You have to pick a date; but it is just one book and you have about a month to read it.

Aarti's post is much more informative. It has suggestions and everything you need to know to join in for this fun reading event.

So, I hope you will sign-up and join in. I am going to go check things over myself to decide what I want to read.

Many thanks to Alex from La Canape for the gorgeous button!


  1. What a great idea! I totally need to join in on this!

  2. Thanks for posting about it, Kelly! Hopefully lots of people sign up :-)

  3. I am trying to find some spec fic written by indigenous Australians. So far I have only one suggestion, but I will keep trying to find some!


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