Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - August 11, 2012

Poster of Peggy's Cove Light
Welcome to another week of pictures for Snapshot Saturday. I am once again a bit late, but hopefully people will stop by and enjoy!

Day 4: somewhere you sat

Day 5: logo

Day 6: writing
Postcard my Great-Grandmother received from Arizona in 1986.
Day 7: 8 o'clock

Bonus 8 o'clock Picture

Day 8: glasses

Day 9: messy

Day 10: ring
A Picture of a Picture
Bonus ring picture.
Other Pictures:
I am ready for my close-up!

Cat in the sink.
The dog moved.

Tree Frame
My current favourite picture of Casey.

Natal Day Firework
It looks like she is smiling.
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Clouds at Peggy's Cove

Blueberry Grunt
Sunset at Peggy's Cove
I have lots more Peggy's Cove pictures. I might do a post about it.


  1. You have some really gorgeous photos here. Also, I love that you frame them. I'm going to have to learn how to do that. Here's Mine

  2. You've got some pretty great sky photos here! NS looks beautiful through your lens. It's on our bucket list already but I think I'll move it up a notch. What is the best weather month to visit?

  3. Love the images of Peggy's Cove - especially that last one - completely gorgeous like a painting! And that Nova Scotia image at the top is hilarious.

  4. Great shots! I especially enjoyed the lighthouses...and the yummy looking dessert.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  5. I've really been enjoying looking at your photos on Instagram...they're all great!!

  6. I love finding old family postcards- and the cat in the sink photo is great!

  7. Well no wonder you're late, you've taken a lot of pictures.

  8. I like the mix of the photos-from dawn to dusk and in between. The photos are like stories unfolding.

  9. I enjoyed the eclectic assortment of shots. That last one of the lighthouse is like a mural.

  10. I love all these pics, but that one called "Tree Frame" mmm -- that is real good. That is totally art!
    And now, for an unrelated-to-THIS-posting comment:
    I am really hungry and would LOVE some of Sunday's ravioli you were making there..... Mmmmmm!

  11. I love the pictures with the lighthouse. I've been away from a week, so I'm catching up. My Saturday Snapshot is at

  12. Love the tree frame and, of course, the sunsets and lighthouses!


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