Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Poetry Project - Classical Poetry

Happy Wednesday, everyone. This means it is time for the September announcement for the Poetry Project. We had a great turnout in August for 'Pulitzer Prize Winners'. This month we are looking at Classics. (You can interpret that category anyway you like.) And, remember, you do not have to post about the theme to participate. It is just a suggestion for people that are not sure what they want to post about. The important thing is to talk about poetry, have fun, and post about it in Mr. Linky.


  1. I was so excited when you started these and I still haven't managed to participate in a single one! Sigh.

  2. Here's my 'classic poetry' post.

    Also, I have a small problem.

    Many of my comments on other Poetry Project posts have disappeared into the ether. I have commented repeatedly and they haven't shown up. I have not been able to share my support and appreciation with the rest of the wonderful contributors to the project.

    This is new and confined to these few blogs. My husband thinks it might be a security glitch. I think computers are just conspiring to drive me crazy. Any thoughts?

  3. Was just telling Lu I think I'm going to read some Sappho and Whitman for the classics month…totally sucked at last months pulitzer winners :p

  4. I will post the interview answers this month, not sure when so please be patient with me. ;O)
    I will have to research classical poetry as I fear it is my least favourite style.

  5. I'm having fun finding poems that fit the month's theme.
    Snowball, I recently rescued one of your comments from my spam filter. It wasn't obvious to me why it was in there, but that may be part of the problem, that your comments are being flagged as spam for some reason.

  6. I've amalgamated the interview and classical poetry into one post:

    Great blogfest idea.

  7. I found a classic poem that fits right into R.I.P. VII. The October theme should be a nice compliment to this wonderful reading event as well!

  8. I've really enjoyed this "monthly event" and hope you keep going for awhile. It's good to read and promote poetry.

  9. Anonymous5:17 AM

    This is my first time participating in The Poetry Project and I'm excited to be a part of it! I understand that in July, the meme was to fill out a "Meet and Greet Questionnaire", is that a requirement (or recommendation) for those of us who joined afterward as well?


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