Sunday, September 09, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - September 9, 2012 (A Day Late...)

Day 1 - you, now

Day 2 - father

Day 3 - far away

Day 4 - in my mailbox

Day 5 - bright

Day 6 - every day

Day 7 - natural

Other Pictures:
Casey's Uncle Milo

Casey's Aunt Abby
All ready getting chilly some nights...
Church Steeple
Wharf Rat Rally - Digby, Nova Scotia
Neighbours Cat, Sandy

Casey again.
Sorry... Quiet photo week. I have been busy!


  1. I like the Bright photo - pretty colors!

  2. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Day 5 is my absolute favorite!

  3. I love the picture of you and your dad. :-)

  4. I always like looking at your pictures - especially the cats. The grey one reminds me of a dear, long departed friend by the name of MoMo.

  5. Very nice progression of photos.

  6. I love your Day 7 natural, the blue, and green, light and shade looks great.

  7. When I took the dog out at 6AM this morning it was chilly here too - 63 degrees!

  8. Great variety in your photos!

  9. Love these...especially Day Two! Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  10. My favorite was the "natural" photo. I could feel the peace of it.

  11. What the hell Blogger?!! It just keeps eating my comment. :( Maybe third time will be the charm. *fingers crossed*

    Ms. Casey is just as adorable as ever!

    And we're finally seeing some cooler temps, too. Literally seeing, in fact--just got in from waiting for the bus with Max and we could see our breaths this morning. Had to look up the temp conversion (I'm so bad at doing in my head), and it looks like our nights are pretty similar, as our temps have been in the upper 40s F. Love it!

  12. I love this photo list. A great way to record everyday moments. Thanks for sharing!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  13. Love the cats. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  14. Great cat photos as ever. I do love the bright photo too, even though I'm not quite sure what it is. The state fair brochure is cool too.

  15. I'm curious about the bright photo. Love them all, especially the kitty photos. Casey has an aunt and uncle?

  16. I love how the kitties get in there every week. :)

  17. Great shots! Love the one for bright!

  18. I love how your capture the on-goings of life -- kitties rule.


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