Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In Which I Blog...

Hey, look, I am writing a blog post. Amazing! I have hardly blogged in two months. My last post was back in September in any case.

So, just in case you think I dropped off the face of the planet, I am still here. I seem to have lost my blogging/reading mojo this year. I have struggled all year, but now I just cannot seem to get into any sort of groove. And, I have so many wonderful books that I want to read! It is devastating to me that I can't read. (Especially because the guy knows I am not really reading and he might not let me have my Book Closeouts shopping spree like last year... Not that I need that shopping spree because I am not reading...) Then there is TLC Book Tours. They are going to not want me on their tours any more because I dropped the ball this month. And, then there are all the other review books that I promised to read and haven't even cracked the spine on. It's all rather upsetting to me. I am not me when I don't read...

Some things I have been doing:

- Working. My new schedule is partly why I am not reading...

- Day trips. We went to Dingle Tour in Halifax, Nova Scotia for example:
- Exploring My Own Area: Aka, The Pumpkin People Festival:
The theme is Pixar/Dreamworks.
- Looking Up. I Have a Thing For Sunsets:
I think there were better pictures from this night, but oh, well...
Taken out the car window driving 80 km/hour.
- Cleaning. I have been doing some heavy duty 'get rid of stuff' cleaning.

I have also been keeping up with my day-to-day journal that I started at the end of April. To celebrate I went out and bought pretty pens... I did not take a recent picture...

- Casey is Still a Constant Source of Entertainment and Cuteness:

This seems blurry. I didn't notice on the little screen on my phone...

- I Have Continued on with Photo-a-Day:
Picture I Used for 'Red'
- I Finally Got My Health Plan Straightened out and Celebrated with New Glasses:
- There Have Been a Few Karaoke Nights:
The guy on the left and two of his friends.
And, there has been music. Chris from Stuff as Dreams are Made on has been sharing his favourite songs with a few of us via email. I have also sent a few songs in return. I am behind now...

One of my favourite songs Chris has shared:

- Etsy. I Have Started Christmas Shopping via Etsy. I made two orders last night and plan another on Friday. I am excited! And can't share pictures because people read my blog... Expect some after Christmas. There is one gift where Casey explored the gift. It's hilarious. I think I am going to frame it and include it with the present. I am sure the person will be thrilled...

So, that's what is new here... What's new with you?? Fill me in with comments. 


  1. Welcome back! Thanks for letting me know about etsy - I hadn't heard of that site, but am hooked now. Love it!

  2. *hugs* I hear you on the blogging and reading slump. I've been there before and I know it sucks. I really miss your posts and hope things will get better for you soon. I don't feel like myself when I'm not reading either and it's a really sucky feeling.

  3. We are definitely missing you and I can completely understand the slumps. I always feel terrible when I can't get involved in a book. Here's hoping you pull out of them soon!

  4. I've been missing you! Glad to see you are ok and just enjoying life. We all go through the reading slumps, being a book blogger just gives a *reason* to feel guilty about it. LOL. The books will be there when the mojo comes back; in the meantime, ENJOY everything else!!

  5. My reading has been off this year so I'm with you on the blogging mojo too!!! Loving the fact that you've continued with the journaling and the photo-a-day!!!! Thanks for the music...loved it!

  6. Hello there, stranger! It's been a long, long time. Ahhhh yes... I totally understand because I've been missing from blogging as well, and partly due to work and all the other good stuff I'm doing. Now, I'm even studying the Italian language, all on my own! I resolve to blog again. Actively. Haha!

  7. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Howdy! Just waving hello. Glad you are busy having FUN out there in not-blogland. :D

  8. Sorry to hear that you aren't reading...I always hate when that happens! Hopefully you will find that book that kicks you out of your reading slump but until then we will all be here. Don't let it stress you out. The stress is the part that always kills my blogging mojo or whatever you want to call it :) We are just happy to hear from you!

  9. *hugs* Losing your reading/blogging mojo sucks! I'm glad you're okay even if you're not reading.

  10. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Day trips are a good reason for not blogging. I love exploring!
    Cleaning, on the other hand? Urk.

  11. I've missed you being around here! But I so enjoy the pictures. Sounds like life has been crazy. Take care!


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