Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I am Listening to...

I have always been rather intrigued with a few authors. One such author is Charles Dickens. I believe it is because there have been so many movie editions of A Christmas Carol and I have seen many of them. There are versions that I watch every year and look forward to immensely. As we enter the holiday season I often think about visiting with Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins. They were friends, so it makes sense to think of them together. They both have the Gothic feel to them and it is fall first. So, what am I listening to as I write this? An audio of Charles Dickens letters. I have always been big on authors letters. I pick them up when I see them at the store. I was interested in an audio version.
It was fortunate that I opened my email earlier today to find an email from NAXOS Audio Books. I had never heard of them before because despite telling myself over and over again to listen to more audiobooks... It never seems to happen. But, it is tonight! I am listening to Simon Callow read Charles Dickens letters. It is great so far. I browsed the website a bit and they have a lot of classics. I think there are some I would love audio versions of because I would read and listen at the same time... I find I get more out of daunting books that way.

I am looking forward to listening to more letters and then moving on to the other goodies I received today. Charles Dickens really was a character!


  1. I love listening to Dickens on audio. I'll have to check out these letters!

  2. That sounds absolutely fantastic. Callow is a great reader and I too like author letters. I haven't read any Dickens for a long, long time but I am going to have to try to track this down.


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