Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Taste of Nova Scotia - Music

I don't think it is a secret that I really like my 'neck of the woods'. It has some problems, but there are other aspects that make up for the negative. I have always been very big on supporting locals, though. I read the books, watch the movies and television shows, and of course listen to the music. I have gone though large periods of my life where it was basically my favourite thing ever. I just find they capture the spirit of the province and its people so well! I can relate to them.

One of my favourite bands is The Rankin Family. They started out as five. Then, the older brother died in a horrible car accident in Cape Breton. This brought them to four. About a month ago they lost one more to cancer and now there is three. I was devastated! When I look back on so many aspects of my life it is bands such as this that I remember. They shape my members and add a musical quality to them. So, I thought I would share some of my favourite songs by John Morris, Jimmy, Raylene, Cookie, and Heather Rankin. Their music will live on even if John Morris and Raylene were tragically taken so young. R.I.P.

This has always been one of my favourite Rankin songs. It is sung by Raylene and honestly, I like to think it is the motto of Nova Scotia. We have had many industries come and go, but we always manage to 'Rise Again'. I have faith that we will continue to do so.

A bit more up-beat. If memory serves me well this was the last album there were five of them.

I have always enjoyed this song by them. I loved this album! I used to play it obsessively. Well, actually it was a cassette tape... And it was so hard to find the song you wanted, so you would actually listening to every song. Nowadays I am terrible for skipping around...

So, no surprise this song is also from the same album:

I was such a nerd when I was a kid... I had this songs memorized, so I naturally was proud of myself for speaking Gaelic! I still have this song memorized... I have no idea what I am saying anymore, though. I also still want to speak this language... I love it!

The girls also had a Christmas CD. This is not the best recording... I saw this concert, though!

One sad thing about listening is I am always reminded of how all my Rankin CDs were stolen... I have slowly gathered them back, but I still don't have the Christmas one again. I was thinking maybe it would be a good gift for this year.


  1. Very interesting and definitely a great taste of Nova Scotia! You can really get a taste for the Scottish ties you guys have. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is one group my dh and i agree upon! Love them! I didn't know Raylene had died though. So sad... Such wonderful music she and john will be adding to the heavenly choir.

  3. I like her voice! That's so tragic about losing both of their siblings like that. I remember cassettes..you basically had to listen to the whole thing, which thinking back now, wasn't a bad thing. I hope someone gets that Christmas one for you!!


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