Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Own Little Connections


After struggling to get the last few postcards for my Postcard Project I decided to branch out a bit and join Postcrossing. Danielle mentioned it to me earlier this year, but the timing wasn't the best for a new project. I have had it in mind, though, and then Megan wrote a post all about her experiences on write meg! and I decided it was about time. I have sent 5 postcard so far to Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, and Florida. Two of them have arrived safely which is very exciting. Today I am getting ready to send cards to Russia and Belarus (which I wasn't even really familiar with).

I have always loved meeting new people around the world. When the internet first made its appearance, I used to belong to pen pal sites and talk to people all over the world through the mail. Then, I started blogging and meeting new people that way. I guess now I am moving back to my earlier start and sending postcards instead. I have always collected postcards. My grandmother had a bunch of them and I always thought they were so cool. She actually collected stamps, but her brother collected postcards and she got them when he passed away. He had tuberculosis, so it was a way to keep in touch with people when he was sick. She also had postcards that belonged to her father. And her brother had acquired postcards that belonged to her friends. Some of the postcards I have as a result are over 100 years old. Needless to say, I am excited about opportunities to add to the collection.

I am looking forward to more from this experience and my own 'Five hundred little connections'.


  1. I keep meaning to join this site. It looks like so much fun!

  2. Thanks for writing about it, I was curious. I like the idea very much, it sounds like a lot of fun. Long ago I had a pen pal (back when there were such things!) and even though many years have gone by since we grew up and went our ways, I still find myself often thinking of her. She was in Japan, by the way. So this postcard site looks like a way to make a little connection, and I hope you have fun and get lots of cool postcards! Some day you will have to do what Ana did, and do a post about your favourite ones, so we can ooh and awe over them :-)


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