Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who in the World are You Reading With? - Where in the World are You Reading - November Wrap-up

The end is here... We have spent the month of November seeing who or what your reading companion is when you settle in for some quality reading.

I got one last picture of Casey and I. The angle is weird, but I am reading on my tablet and she is sleeping on my lap. She has decided she really doesn't like this and moves to put herself in my way. She had my tablet talking and everything.

My actual post shows me reading with Casey; our dog-sitting charge from the summer, Whimsy; and at one point even a drink or two.

Melissa from Avid Reader's Musing also had a fuzzy companion for most of her pictures. His name is Ollie and she shares some great pictures of them reading together.

SuziQ interpreted the topic several different ways at Whimpulsive. She also went the furry companion way with her cats Abby and Howie. Then she took it one step further and posted about her travelling companions on the train to work.

I have to admit that Softdrink's post is one of my favourites. If I posted a picture like that and my guy found out about it I would be murdered. So, while she is still alive to enjoy it, go check out her post at Fizzy Thoughts. (hehe!)

Moving on to visit Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness we get to meet her Reading Companion, Hannah.  She even takes full advantage of the bookshelves themselves.

Suey's post at It's All About Books shares a photo you would never see in my house. His and her reading!

Over at Christine's blog we see an assortment of furry and human reading companions. She even includes fun captions! Head over to The Happily Ever After.. to meet some of her fur babies and humans she spends time reading with.

Erin also introduces us to her animals. (Including a rabbit, which I had to admit was a bit random. (And she does admit it is not a reading companion so much as a book vandal.)) Head over to The Paperback Stash to see her pictures!

More kitties! At Uniflame Creates we get to see 3 of her 4 cats spending quality time with her books. They are normally just getting in the way, but you can pretend they are getting in on the action!

Nikki Steele at BookPairing has slightly larger fluffy reading companions. She shares a picture of her dogs. She managed to get them to pose and look at the camera and everything. Fun!

On to the co-hosts... Lisa shared pictures of her kids. Apparently her older son is now her date to the library. With three kids I hope at least one will be a big reader! You can see her pictures at Books Lists Life.

Trish got in on the furry companion bandwagon and shared some older pictures of her cat, Maggie. She also shared some attempts to read with her daughter, Elle. (Who has a book called I Love You, Stinky Face. I am definitely out of the children book loop!) Visit Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity to see her pictures.
Next month your host will be Lisa at Books Lists Life. She will be hosting Holiday Reading Escape. Feel free to interpret that anyway you like! And, consider sharing your posts as part of the Advent Blog Tour that you can read all about on the dedicated blog.


  1. Thanks for such a wonderful recap. This month's theme was a ton of fun!

    Looking forward to next month's posts already! :)

  2. Anonymous11:31 PM

    HB is clueless about what I post about, as well as how to find my blog. So I'm still alive. :-D

  3. The his/her reading photo actually manages to beat the cat and dog photos in terms of cuteness! :D

  4. This is awesome! And yes, I do love Jill's picture. Scott would not be happy with me if I posted something similar. ;)

    And yup! I love you Stinky Face. It's a fun book but it's too long for Elle to sit through these days.

  5. I love the compiled lists at the end of each month! It's so much fun to see how everyone interprets the theme. Love it!


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