Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - December 22, 2012

15 - outdoors

16 - something you made
17 - on the floor
18 - makes you feel merry
19 - something beginning with 's'
Sleepy Kitty
20 - weather
21 - tree

15 - favourite holiday song
16 - outside Christmas lights
17 - presents
18 - stockings
19 - candy cane
20 - tree topper
21 - peace


  1. I enjoy seeing your photos every week. Even though you're not reading as much as you want, I'm glad photography is something you're constantly doing. I love the tree picture.

  2. Love the holiday decorations! And, of course, I'm always a fan of a sleepy kitty. :) Happy Holidays!

  3. Such a great collection of photos. They reveal a lot about your interests. Thanks for sharing!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  4. I love the outdoor lights! Enjoy your holidays!

  5. Very Christmasy photos! Looks like you got a lot of snow.

  6. Snow does help the festive mood! No snow here yet.

    Mine is here.

  7. Looks like you're finding lots of ways to make merry! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. :0 great idea.. i keep meaning to do a photo a day type of habit for myself and seeing all these together here inspires me more. in all these photos here


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