Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Week in Postcards - Week 1

I started a postcard blog last week and I thought I would share what I have posted so far. I got tired of my postcards sitting in boxes and hardly seeing the light of day. If I didn't receive another postcard I could go on for quite some time showing the ones I have... If you click the link it tells who sent it, shows the stamps, and for the Olden Days series (postcards passed down to me from other family members) I will likely share the messages from the back as well as the stamps.

1 -  A postcard from the Netherlands.

2 - A postcard from Russia.

3 - A painting postcard from Care.

4 - A postcard from New Mexico (Collecting the States 1/50)

5 - A postcard from Arizona.

6 - A Greeting Card from Care.
7 - The Olden Days.

If anyone is curious where I stand on my Collecting the States I just need Alabama and I will have 50/50.


  1. So cool! I use my postcards to decorate my office wall. :-) do you have one from Belgium? Poland? :-)

  2. What a great idea!! When I get back home I think I will do the same with my box of postcards!!!


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