Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Snapshot - January 12, 2013

I got a bit silent on here the last few days! (Two keys are sticking on my keyboard at the moment... I think I need a new keyboard... This will be an attempt to not use them for the most part; so excuse strange wording when another word would clearly work better!) This week was busy! I am doing a photography course (portrait photography) and then my mother's house guest offered to show me some of the stuff that she learned from a photography course she took. This means I had homework! I am learning about exposures and tomorrow we are going to go put it to the test. I am so excited! Then, I let Debi and Trish talk me into Project Life. You might think this is no big deal... You go to the website, order the stuff, etc. Nope. Not for me. For me I cringed at the retarded shipping rates and tried to find a cheaper solution. No luck. So, then I hummed and hawed for a while and essentially said 'screw it' and ordered from the company. I am so excited!! I am sure Debi won't mind if I link to her blog to show you what Project Life is all about. I essentially do it all ready because I take pictures all week and I keep a written record, too, so this is essentially taking the two things and putting them together. Will I take pictures and share? I doubt it. I am not really crafty so I don't anticipate mine to look nearly as nice as the ones I have seen online!

Anyway, here are my pictures for the week as part of Saturday Snapshot hosted by Alyce.

5 - movement
6 - mine

7 - street
8 - something beginning with 't'
9 - paper
From Kill Shakespeare. It had an error on its print run so this page is there twice.
10 - 1 o'clock
A gift from my mother for house-watching for her. It's a tray and you can fold it up to read. I love it all ready!
11 - water

And, two other pictures just because I love them:


  1. Bare trees against a blue sky is always a fabulous photo. I can see why you love them!

  2. The trees, and the water, are beautiful. My Snapshot is at

  3. I love the tree pictures.

  4. That water picture is stunning. Enjoy learning about photography. I am always so impressed with everyone's photos, yours as well. You can tell who has that artistic eye.

  5. The reflective water photo is my favorite, but the tree photos are great too. And I'm curious now which keys are sticking. :)

  6. Your pictures are great!! I have to get my last three days posted !!

  7. Beautiful photos...thanks for sharing.

    My Saturday Snapshot is in the link below.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  8. I love those last two photos, such lovely colours in the background clouds.

  9. How neat. I like taking photos of trees up against the sky and clouds, its majestic looking. Yours are lovely.


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