Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Have Been... Take Five

Writing: Postcards. I am insanely behind on postcrossing and decided I really needed to get organized and get caught up. I still haven't mailed the cards, but at least I wrote them up.... I need to get my groove back! Hopefully I can buy stamps today and get them off into the world. I keep sitting down to blog and then getting interrupted. I am hoping maybe to write a few after I finish this one. I only really have time on the weekends so I should start writing a few at a time. We will see how this goes!

Reading: I should be obsessing over Caliban's War by James S.A. Corey, but I just haven't had a lot of time to read. I was impatient last weekend because the paperback edition I had bought hadn't arrived and I want to switch back and forth between audio and reading again... So, I bought the Kindle edition. I at least started it, but the paperback came on like Tuesday and it is not like I was overly far into the book. I could have waited... I need to get cracking on the reading because now book 3 is on the way in the mail.

Listening: Yesterday I found the new Walk off the Earth video. It is really good:

Not surprising I have never heard the original song...  (There is a bit of swearing just FYI if you have kids around.)

Then for audiobooks I am still listening to The Night Circus because I have been slack on audiobooks lately. And I started Caliban's War but only have sort of listened to that one so far. I really should do some reading after I get off here.

Looking: More pictures! We went to Burncoat Head Park. (Kind of interesting how the website also spells it Burntcoat which is what I thought it was, but all the signs say otherwise... I wonder if they changed the name...). Anyway, Burncoat Head is the home of the world's highest recorded tide and I had never been before. I have a strong suspicion it is will be on our list of places we go over and over again... We were there for low tide and I want to go back for high tide.
Learning: That there is never enough time in the day to get everything you want to get done accomplished... I do most of my productive stuff on the weekend and by the time the weekend comes that is a lot of stuff....

Anticipating: VACATION!!! I took a week off in July and I am so excited.

Wishing: That we were going to Burncoat Head again today... Or somewhere... It's a nice day, but I am not interested in a road trip on my own.

Loving: Life for the most part. And this picture of Lorrie and I:
He does not love it, but he never reads my blog...


  1. Lovely pictures, Kelly! I know what you mean about waiting until the weekend to get stuff done. I'm the same way and just spent the better part of the last few hours getting caught up on clearing off my desk. Oh well. It is summer after all, right?

    Have a great week!

  2. Vacation?! Will you be taking a trip? To Dallas? ;) And I love that picture silhouette of you!

  3. Interesting about the tides - hope you get to see it at the high mark, too. Happy postcarding. I so love that the space is small so you really can write them quick. Of course, the addressing and all that does make it a tad more complicated. Yours will be on its way to you tomorrow...

  4. Nice pictures. I hope you take some at high tide if you go back.


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