Friday, July 05, 2013

I Have Been... Take Six

Writing: I am playing postcard catch-up. I am going to get banned from postcrossing because I am so behind! There are cards that I have supposedly sent that are still sitting on my desk... Sometimes getting stamps are a chore, right? I used to buy stamps every two weeks, but I have got slack. I need to get back in the swing of things! Another thing I plan to write is my Project Life ramblings. I am on vacation and my goal is to catch-up on it. We will see how that works out... It is just so freaking hot it is a chore to do most things at this point. If I at least figure each week out that's a start... Thankfully between my day-by-day calendar and all the photo-a-days I do I can keep up with my days for the most part.

Reading: Still Caliban's War. I have just been so busy lately that I haven't had time to read it... And with the heat and humidity I have been slacking on the treadmill as well. I suck! A group read that Carl is hosting of The Dragon's Path starts today and I really need to find time to read that. You would think vacation would mean reading, but one never knows....

Listening: Nothing really. I have been slacking on audio books. The most I do is listen to music in the car and that is often just the radio... Need to do better!

Looking: Through the camera lens! Yesterday we went to Uniacke House and walked around the trails. We took a bunch of pictures. Then we went to a beach for a very nice sunset as shown above. There is probably other pictures since my last update, but I can't remember...

Learning: That I suck at time management... I never seem to get anything done and it saddens me...

Anticipating: Having lots of fun on my vacation!!

Wishing: The heat would break... With the humidity it is horrible!

Loving: Life!


  1. I am in love with the photos you're posting lately. Truly gorgeous. And I have some mailing I need to do, too. I have stamps floating around my house somewhere, but WHERE! Ugh!

  2. Your photos keep getting better--you've got a good eye!

  3. Love the sunset pictures! Can't wait to hear more about Project Life... I've thought about doing that but not sure. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. 'Loving: Life' says it all, Kelly. That is the best! So are your photographs. You and Pat both take lovely ones that are so evocative.

    I'm hoping Caliban's War will be good, I read Leviathan Wakes in the spring, and really enjoyed it. I have to pick up Caliban's War soon, I keep meaning too.

    Vacation - hope yours is going well, I'm on mine too now. Yaay for relaxing! Hope we both get some books read this holiday.

  5. So happy to see your pictures! It really looks like you had a good time and what a beautiful place!


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