Sunday, August 04, 2013

I Have Been... Take Seven

Writing... Postcards! I actually mailed some earlier in the week and mailed even more yesterday! I have been behind since about May. It's terrible! They are all expired on Postcrossing because they sat here waiting for stamps. Not to mention friends are getting cards that look like they got lost in the mail for about two months. I used to buy books of stamps every pay day and then I was on the ball, but I got slack... I have also been buying postcards again. My mother found me some touristy ones at a thrift store near her place and then I did a bit of Etsy shopping...

First up there is Brian Moss. Chris, from Stuff as Dreams are Made on, told me about his work and suggested I get some postcards. I went over to browse and ended up buying 50... I am really impressed with them, too. The finish on the paper means I can't use my normal gel pens, but the quality of the paper over all is great. And the art is colourful and original. I am looking forward to sending cards around the world from this set and have started all ready.

Then we have Gaze of Dolls. I follow her on Instagram and a while back she sent me some postcards. I thought they were great and didn't really want to mail them to anyone else... So, the other day I asked if she was thinking about selling them on her Etsy shop and she started doing so! I of course bought some and am looking forward to being able to mail them out to people. Hopefully they will be here soon!!

There should be another Etsy shop listed here soon. I was told by a blogger they are going to start selling postcards so I just have to wait for that to begin.

Reading... ha! I just don't seem to want to read this year. Even when I have the chance to spend an entire day doing just that... I don't! I have lost the ability or something. I have even been doing bad on audiobooks! I don't know how to fix it, so I am just giving 2013 as a lost cause for reading. I am trying to decide if I should cancel my photography magazines because I am behind on them, too. And I haven't been reading photography books so sort of fizzled out on learning anything new...

Listening... I finally finished my reread of The Night Circus and started The Ocean at the end of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. I loved The Night Circus all over again. I am still really new into the Gaiman so will have to wait to offer an opinion.

Looking... I have still been taking pictures, though! I successfully completed 7 photo-a-day challenges in July. I planned to cut back for August, but I couldn't decide on which ones... So, I am starting out with all of them and then will thin back if necessary. 

Learning... Nothing... I don't really have any projects on the go at the moment. I was thinking last night that if I don't start cracking on something soon my mind is going to go to sleep. I am not even reading non-fiction... Although, I am getting used to the clutch on my new car. It's a bit different than my old car, so it is a bit like learning something new.

Anticipating... Next weekend! We are going away for the weekend and I am looking forward to it. I am sure there will be pictures!

Wishing... That I could get back to using the treadmill. I gave up for a bit because it was so freaking hot, but this week is supposed to be manageable. I just have to get back into the groove...

Loving... A quiet morning to myself with a coffee.


  1. interesting to read I love your beautiful blog good job Thanks lot for this useful article

  2. I need to start sending postcards! I always intend to but never get around to it somehow. I think it's partly because I don't know where to get the most beautiful postcards -- your recommendations above are great!

  3. I'm glad to see you getting back into things :) I think the best plan is just not to stress! If the postcards don't get mailed or the pictures don't get taken or the books don't get read, then oh well. Remember those are all things that you do for FUN so don't ever let them stop being fun :)

  4. A quiet morning with coffee is a perfect way to start the day :)
    My reading year is going very slowly so I understand. Just enjoy the books you get to and keep on taking beautiful pictures!

  5. I plan on getting your postcard(s) sent out no later than tomorrow!! I'm finally getting caught up around here after being on the road!!

    (BTW, I thought I had you in my reader, but I didn't! I've now fixed this!!)

  6. Anonymous11:28 PM

    I love postcards... but I only send them when I travel. Should probably do some local ones to friends and surprise them:) Great post.

  7. Can I ask for a copy of the picture with the leaves and the wall, with the gate-like opening? I love it :-)

    I'm having a dreadful summer with my blogging, I have so much going on in my personal life (new temporary position at work, bad personal news in my family), that even though I have good intentions to blog, it's an effort and I don't want it to be. So, I take each day as it comes. I'm learning to enjoy quiet cups of tea first thing in the mornings, too. I love them now! I feel out of sorts when I can't sit outside and drink tea and be quiet.

    I'd say, just let whatever is coming up and through you, let it come, and then see what's changed for you in reading. You will come back to it, though :-)

    Can you send my your address again (house)? I am sure I saved it, but can't find it, and have something for you :-) in exchange for the lovely postcards you sent earlier this year.


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