Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week in Review (15 & 16) - I Have Been...

Writing... Well, I made it 3 months before I didn't post at all for a week. That's better than some years, so I won't beat myself up too much about it....
Reading... It was bound to happen that my reading would slow down a bit and other things would take my interest. I did finish reading the Ms. Marvel series, though, and that was an accomplishment. Otherwise, I read stuff, but never really finished anything. I am hoping to get back on track soon!

Listening... Well, I was getting back to walking outside with Mackie, but the weather has decided cooperating is not an option. I hadn't worked audiobooks back in anyway. I was concentrating more on getting the dog to listen on the walks. I am hoping the weather will get better in the next few days and then I am going to start listening again!

Looking... At spring meeting winter! We still have snow almost covering our backyard, but there are flowers coming up in the neighbours garden! So, I guess that it is finally spring. We even have the rainy weather to show for it!

Learning... That dog ownership is not without its headaches. We live on a busy road and I tie Mackie out so that he can run around... but not in front of a car. He got loose once again last night and it was another scary experience! Everything is just made so badly. Over the winter the lead we were tying him to broke, so we had to wait until the snow melted enough to attach a new one in the backyard. That finally happened! But, last night the tie out post broke. There is a ring that you attach the leash on and it snapped, so I had a dog loose with a 30 foot lead trailing behind him. He always comes back when he gets loose, but I think he got stuck on something and we live basically in the country so not a lot of lights to see by. It was a bad experience. I am just glad he runs away from the road and not towards it most of the time.

Anticipating... The weekend. I am dog-sitting! It will likely be stressful at times, but I am looking forward to Mackie having a playmate for two weeks. They seem to get along okay, so hopefully that will continue while the other dog is here. My mother wound up getting a dog that needed to be re-homed and they all ready had a trip booked, so this was the only way they could get the dog.
Meet Henry!
Loving... Quiet mornings. Coffee. The fact that the snow is melting. The fact that I can see grass. The fact that things are growing! The fact that after a scary evening, I still have a dog!


  1. Poor Mackie and you! That definitely sounds stressful. We use leads for our dog too since our property isn't fenced and had have not had good luck with posts. They end up with so much stress put on them if the dog is running or pulling at all that they seem to have a high rate of failure. We've had pretty good luck with a nylon rope with clips on each end that we've looped around a tree. She lost about a foot of mobility because of the tree loop but it's held up. Quiet mornings sound lovely - especially with coffee! I find it hard to read when it starts getting warmer. There's so much outside stuff I want to do. Have a great week!

  2. I hope the pet-sitting goes well, and Mackie has a good time with her guest. My mom's dog fit in well with my cats when my mom was visiting in November/December, thank goodness. My mom's dog is older and calm, which I'm sure helped. She didn't try to chase the cats, although my younger cat sure tried to play with the dog. It was cute.

    I know the fear of living on a busy street and having a dog. :-( Especially one who gets loose on the rare occasion. Luckily our current house isn't on a busy street, but the old one was.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Kelly! I'm imagining mine will be a quiet one for the most part.

  3. Oh, that IS scary! I'm glad Mackie's fine and nothing happened. When we lived in a house we always had to be so cautious when opening the front door. The cats would crowd by your feet and look for any wiggle room to bolt out into the heavy traffic. Now that we're in a condo, it's better. They bolt out ... into the hallway. No cars in sight.


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