Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week in Review - Week 7

Random Thoughts

I am really happy with everything that I have managed to read so far in 2016. I hope this keeps up and I can continue tackling my TBR. The last couple years I have started the year off strong and then fizzled... Last year I managed to come back and finish the year off strong. In 2014 I just hardly read... 2013 was not very good either. I own a lot of books. I need to read them. I love reading. I hate that I neglect things. And, I start so many series and never get back to them... I don't want to cause my reading any stress this year, I still want to be able to read whatever I want, but I also need to make some concentrated effort this year. 

Graphic Novel Year

Cable and Deadpool - Volume 1: If Looks Could Kill (Marvel Unlimited)
Morning Glories - Volume 6: Demerits
Morning Glories - Volume 7: Honors
Lumberjanes - Volume 1: Beware the Kitten Holy (Scribd)
Lumberjanes - Volume 2: Friendship to the Max (Scribd)
The Wicked + The Divine - Volume 1: The Faust Act (reread)
Moon Knight - Volume 3: In the Night (Marvel Unlimited)
Lumberjanes -Volume 3: A Terrible Plan (Scribd)
Lumberjanes -Volume 4 (Scribd)
The Woods - Volume 1: The Arrow (Scribd)
The Woods -Volume 2: The Swarm (Scribd)
The Woods -Volume 3: New London (Scribd)
The Wicked + The Divine - Volume 2: Fandemonium
Lazarus - Volume 4: Poison

Currently Reading 

Weekly Reading

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs - (reread) - I have actually read this book twice before. I think it is probably for the same reason I read it this time, I want to read all of her books! That is my goal for 2016 anyway. To reread and read for the first time a couple of her older books I have never got to by her. Let's see if we can pull this off. I really like this series Mercy as a character. Strongly recommended!

Cable & Deadpool Volume 1 - I have been neglecting Marvel Unlimited because basically every series restarted with this new, larger series happening right now. But, I love Deadpool and I figured it was about time to read more from him. I look forward to seeing where this series heads. Recommended!

Morning Glories - Volume 6 - I love this series. It is creepy and mysterious and I enjoy seeing what it comes up with next. I am glad I decided that this would be the series that I was neglecting that I would work on this year. It definitely gets better as it goes and I keep looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Recommended!

Morning Glories - Volume 7 - This wraps up what I own in the series, which makes me sad, but I am not thinking that will last long. I will lose my willpower and want to see what happens next! Another fun volume in the series. Recommended!

We Should All Be Feminists - I think this book raises some interesting ideas. It is hard to be original with subjects that have been looked at many times before, but this book makes you think. Feminist does seem to lead people to think of them in a negative way instead of for the better. I remember in college one of our professors asked if we considered ourselves feminists and people were nervous to raise their hand. I don't think this has changed... Strongly recommended!

Lumberjanes - Volume 1 - (reread) - This is technically a reread. I read the issues on Scribd and decided to just record them as if I had read the collected editions. I was so excited to find that Scribd had added to what they had on there and it was a lot of fun to revisit the earlier volumes to refresh my memory. I definitely recommend this series!

Lumberjanes - Volume 2 - (reread) - I believe this also works out to be a reread. This collects the next four issues in a fun series about a group of girls. They are a summer camp where they have fun and bizarre adventures. It is nice to see a series with strong, young female characters. And diversity. Diversity is always a good thing. Recommended!

The Wicked + The Divine - Volume 1 - (reread) - Volume 3 of this series is on its way to me in the mail so it was about time to reread this one to refresh my memory. I actually think I enjoyed this comic better with the reread than I did when I read it the first time. This is why actually rereading once in a while is a good thing! The story of a group of gods that live among humans for 2 years every 90 years and then burn out. It is an interesting premise. Recommended!

Moon Knight - Volume 3 - I keep plugging away with this series every time it shows up on Marvel Unlimited. The newest issue wrapped up Volume 3. I read Volume 1 and 2 in 2015. Frankly, I liked where this series started but then it got kind of disjointed and the on-going storyline seems to have been lost. I am not really loving it, but I keep hoping it will get better... I hear the original run of this series is good. Must get to it at some point.

Lumberjanes - Volume 3 - This starts off as a reread but then I get into the new material. This series continues to be a lot of fun about a group of girls at a summer camp. I can see me owning this series one day! Recommended!

Lumberjanes - Volume 4 - This is more of the new material. This volume includes a freak snowstorm in the middle of the summer. As we are actually experiencing winter, this seemed like a fitting storyline. Another recommended read from the series. (I also read issues 17 and 18, but they were not collected in a trade.)

The Woods -Volume 1 - (reread) - This was one of the first things I read when I first joined Scribd last year. It is a very weird, random series I must say. I like it, though. I have to admit when I read it last year I had never even heard of it before, so not sure I would have read it otherwise. I am glad I did. I definitely recommend checking it out!

The Woods - Volume 2- (reread) - I am not quite sure where I was in this series in terms of the trades because when I read it on Scribd last year there was only one trade collection out. I am pretty sure this Volume was a reread, too. This series presents some interesting experiences for a group of students who were transported from earth to a far away planet. Recommended!

The Woods - Volume 3 - The series continues. You think that this essentially wraps up a huge storyline to the series, but at the same time it sets thing up to go in many different directions. I am glad I continue to get to enjoy this series. (I also read Issues 13, 14, 15, and 16. This will work out to be a trade, but there is no release for it as of yet.)

The Wicked + The Divine - Volume 2 - When this arrived for me last year it was right around when I first broke my ankle... so it got a bit neglected. I am so glad I finally got around to it because this is an intense series. And the ending! I cannot wait to see what happens in Volume 3! Strongly recommended!

May We Shed These Human Bodies - I had never heard of Amber Sparks before but I heard mention of her on a podcast last week and it caught my interest. It turned out that Scribd had this collection, which was her first one, and I had to check it out. I loved it! I am not a huge short story reader, but I am definitely a huge fan of her. I hope she writes a novel... In the meantime, I can't wait to read her newer short story collection. Strongly recommended!

Lazarus - Volume 4 -  I really like this series. Forever is a great character and each volume, including this one, ends with an ending that makes me mad that I have to wait to see what happens next. I would read this series as singles if that was affordable at all right now... Alas, it is not. So I read this volume, loved it, and now I have to wait for Volume 5 to even have a release date. Strongly recommended!

New Additions

Lazarus - Volume 4: Poison

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  1. Hey! Where's your BBAW INtro post?! ;P
    LOVE the photos and CHEERS to a fabulous start to a fabulous reading year.

  2. Look at you go!!! Impressive. And I love all of your furbaby pictures. It makes me happy seeing them, knowing you are so much happier too!

  3. Aww! Always such cute pictures; this cat looks particularly happy with himself!

    "I own a lot of books. I need to read them." is basically my daily motto. I'm working hard on series this year though! And some graphic novels, too. I've been tempted by The Woods for a while, so I'm glad to read you liked it!


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