Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week in Review - Week 9

Random Thoughts

It is hard to believe it is almost the end of February. We started off the month with snow, but we haven't really see any since. Instead we are having basically spring weather and it is so weird! Nice, though. We haven't had to really shovel, or plow, and the temperatures are likely saving on heating costs. I am just used to February being my least favourite month of the year because usually the winter really gets to you this month. It is almost refreshing that has been mild. We went for a random road trip last weekend and you could have the windows open in the car and not freeze. It will be interesting to see what March brings...

Graphic Novel Year

Saga - Volume 1 (reread)
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Marvel Unlimited)
Harbinger - Volume 1: Omega Rising (Scribd)
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl - Volume 2: Squirrel You Know It's True (Marvel Unlimited)
Saga - Volume 2 (reread)
Saga - Volume 3 (reread)
Batgirl - Volume 2: Family Business

Currently Reading

Weekly Reading

Saga Volume 1 - I love this series, but I was behind in it. With Volume 6 coming out later this year, one of my goals for February was to read all the books I owned in the series. This one was a reread. I loved the reread. This series just has a great cast of characters and a compelling storyline. If you haven't read it, you really should! Strongly recommended.

Big Thunder Mountain - The back story to how a ride came to be named? Big Thunder is a ride at Disney, right? In any case, with a huge series happening right now it was nice to see a complete arc added to Marvel and I actually really enjoyed this Volume. There is a strong female lead and the story takes place in an old western town. The Mountain is a character all its own. It is a fun, quick read. Recommended!

Harbinger - Volume 1: Omega Rising - When I heard that this series was going to include an overweight, female super hero... I had to check it out. I had noticed the series before on Scribd, but never really knew anything about it. Then I saw mention of it on a blog and had to see what I thought. It is also the first time I believe I have read anything by Valiant comics. This volume didn't knock my socks off compared to other things I have read this month, but I did like it and look forward to more! Recommended.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl  - Volume 2: Squirrel You Know It's True - Squirrel Girl is one of the best things happening at Marvel right now. Here we have a female in college kicking butt. She's funny and original and makes fun of Iron Man on Twitter. She is definitely worth checking out if you haven't before! I continue to enjoy her and look forward to the next volume. Strongly Recommended!

Saga Volume 2 - I am loving my reread of this series. It is nice to refresh my memory about things I had forgotten about the series. And, I love Lying Cat. (You know me and animals in comics... And books... Done well, they are my favourite!) At the core this is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet without the suicides. It is the story of love conquering prejudice and war. It is a story for the ages... It just happens to take place in the future in space. Strongly recommended!

Saga Volume 3 - This was also a reread... I have only not read Volume 5, but I didn't reread when I read Volume 4 and things were just not fresh in my memory. I wanted things to be fresh in my mind for Volume 5 and hopefully still be fresh when Volume 6 comes out. Another strong comic in a favourite series. I love Fiona Staples art. She is definitely worth checking out in general! Another strongly recommended volume!

Batgirl - Volume 2: Family Business - I wish I had read more DC comics. They just have the easiness of Marvel Unlimited as an option... And I only have so much funds to use on books. I am glad I took a chance on the first Volume of this series for Valentine's Day because I am really enjoying Babs and her friends. This book also crosses over with Gotham Academy, the one DC series I started last year, so yay for me. I look forward to Volume 3 out later this year! Recommended!

New Additions

Batgirl - Volume 2: Family Business
A Darker Shade of Magic

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Week in Review - Week 8

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  1. This is the second time in 24 hours I'm coming across this title 'Saga'. I can see it is fantasy, but what is it about?

  2. We've had a fairly mild February as well. Part of me is glad. Part of me is concerned that we'll pay for it with a blizzard in March or some such nonsense! I have Anna Dressed in Blood on my TBR. I'm thinking about making it an October listen but who knows! Have a great week!

  3. Cute pups!! Our winter has been nonexistant--some days close to 80 degrees!! It's been nice with the baby and being able to get out of the house without having to bundle up, but I do worry about how our summer will be. Hopefully we don't pay with extreme heat and drought.

    I read Saga 1-3 this month as well and loved them. I'm going to hold off on 4-5 until 6 is released--so we'll see if I need to do a re-read once it's available. Can't believe it's almost March!!

  4. I love your photographs, Kelly!

  5. I've been meaning to try Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

  6. Your dogs are so darn cute. I loved looking at all of your pics this week. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hasn't this weather been nice? It's been warm here too. I'm terrified it's going to get cold and snow again. I hope not! I'm ready to pull out the gardening gloves and grill!

  8. I've wondered what Big Thunder Mountain was about. These things based on Disney rides are kind of weird. I'm glad to hear it's a fun read! Maybe I'll give it a try.

  9. I need to get back on board with Saga too! I loved what I've read of it so far. I took a look at what Scribd had changed to their policy and was dismayed. I can't understand who would possibly pay for the service they are now offering.

  10. Lovely photos; the library pub (is that correct?) looks especially nice. It's pretty mild here too and we've had daffodils already, quite a surprise. I've heard a lot of good about the Blake.

  11. I hope you had a great road trip. I saw the pictures on Instagram, and I loved all of it. Have a lovely March! Sending some love to your furry friend too. :)

  12. Loved looking at your photos. And your dogs are gorgeous!

  13. Your dogs are so gorgeous! What breed is the one on the left in the top photo? Looks like there's a bit of newfie in there. I do love a big fluffy dog!

  14. Wonderful photos! Is that a fox I see in one of them?! Love the boats, too.

  15. Seeing Mackie makes me SO happy given everything you have been through over the past six months. I will never get tired of seeing him and your love for him through pictures.


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