Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week in Review - Week 11

Random Thoughts

After years of not really feeling creative enough to make my own buttons, I have started attempting... The picture above is a sunset photo from last week. Add some text and there you have it. I liked it when I made it, but I tend to start criticizing my efforts after a bit so I just posted it before I decided I didn't like it. I am not sure what it was about the past week, but I felt like I didn't have time to do anything. I am hoping that the up-coming week will go a bit better. On Wednesday I have an appointment to follow up with my surgeon and see how my ankle is making out. I am still not back to where I used to be, but I am getting there!

Graphic Novel Year

The Beauty - Volume 1
Ms Marvel - Volume 1: No Normal
Ms. Marvel - Volume 2: Generation Why
Silk - Volume 1: Sinister
Spider-Woman - Volume 2: New Duds
Ms. Marvel - Volume 3: Crushed
Princeless - Volume 1: Save Yourself
Princeless - Volume 2: Get Over Yourself
Princeless - Tales of the Family Ashe
Princeless  -Tales of Girls Who Rock!
The Fade Out - Volume 3: Act Three

Currently Reading

Weekly Reading

Fit (Fit, Volume 1) - Way, way, way out of what I normally read. And not even for being a romance novel with bondage. It was also contemporary and sports-related. Plus, the cover is atrocious. But, sometimes you need to break out of your normal zone and this was one such attempt. I didn't hate it or anything, but I am still not sure if I would seek it out as a regular genre. Maybe if it was science-fiction or fantasy? I read this on Scribd.

The Beauty - I got a review copy of this one of NetGalley. I have had a lot of success with Image series and this one looked really good. And, it was really good. It looks at the idea of beauty and perfection and how society always strives for those two things. In this book they achieve it, but things always come at a price. I definitely recommend this one and look forward to more in the series!

Ms Marvel - Volume 1 - Comics February might be over with, but there were still some series I wanted to catch up with in 2016. This series being one of them! This was a reread, but it was a better reread because when I read this the first time I was still new to the Marvel Universe. Now I have read other Marvel comics and knew who the Inhumans are and the events that lead up to the cloud that gave Kamala her powers. I think it gave me a new appreciation for a series I all ready really liked. Strongly recommended!

Ms Marvel - Volume 2 - Another reread! This comic included a guest appearance from Wolverine! That was fun. And, Lockjaw enters the comics. Lockjaw is a huge dog with special powers. I have seen him in some other series and enjoy his character. He is there to keep an eye on Kamala for the Queen and help with her adventures. In this Volume, Kamala still finishing up the events from Volume 1 with the Inventor. Another great volume in the series. I am glad I got a chance to reread! Strongly recommended!

Silk - Volume 1 - In 2015, I read a Spider-Verse mini-series on Marvel Unlimited. This lead to some character spin-offs including Silk. I really like Silk. With everything that I have read from the Marvel Universe since starting my experience, she is one of my favourites. We are still getting to know her, though, and that is fun, too. In fact, she is still really getting to know herself and is on the hunt for her family. She is a really fun character and I look forward to more from her!

Spider-Woman - Volume 2 - While Spider-Woman is well known in the Marvel Universe, this was her series to break away from the Avengers. It also spun off from the Spider-Verse series that introduced Silk. Jessica has decided to be a free-agent and take on jobs saving the world instead of the larger idea of being an Avenger. She finds herself in lots of interesting circumstances. I really like her character and look forward to more from her. Strongly recommended!

Ms Marvel - Volume 3 - This comic came out around my broken ankle and reading slump last year, so this was my first chance to finally catch up on the events of Ms Marvel. This time the guest star is Loki and was set right around Valentine's Day. This is followed up by a family friend returning to the area and Kamala developing a bit of a crush. But, things cannot always go that smoothly and there is more to her new friend than originally thought. Strongly recommended!

Princeless - Volume 1 -  This series has been in my library on Scribd for a while, but I just hadn't got a chance to try it until this last week. It is so fun! It does one of my favourite things and makes fun of fairy tales and their conventions by placing women in stronger roles. Adrienne was locked in a tower by her parents to await a prince, but she took matters into her own hands and sets out to rescue her sisters. I love it! Strongly recommended!

Princeless - Volume 2 - The adventures continue! In this comic she sets out to rescue her sister, Angelica. She is trapped in a tower in a swamp. When we meet her, though, we quickly find that matters are not all what they seem. Her father, the king, has also sent some mercenaries after Adrienne, so that complicates matters. This is another fun volume in the series. I am really enjoying it overall. Strongly recommended!

Princeless -Tales of the Family Ashe - This is a collection of three stories set in the Princeless story-line that are illustrated by young up and coming female artists. (This series really sends a good message overall.) A fun little interlude to add more to the overall story and characters. Recommended!

Princeless -  Tales of Girls Who Rock! - This looks like it was basically released to be a teaser for those curious about the series. And, it does introduce you to all the characters! I haven't mentioned Sparky, the dragon you see on the cover. She was the dragon set to protect Adrienne and now she is accompanying her on her adventures. There is also Bedelia, a female troll that builds armour and found herself swept up in Adrienne's adventures. I continue to love this series. Recommended!

Introducing Shakespeare - A Graphic Guide - I was browsing Scribd the other night and a bunch of these have been added. I couldn't help being a little curious. I am not sure if picking a subject I all ready know a great deal about was the best introduction to the series, but it gave me an idea of what to expect. It is basically a great way to learn about a subject matter without having to invest large amounts of time to it. I probably will check out some of the others.

The Fade Out - Volume 3 - I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I wrap up a series. This trilogy was so good! And, I really liked how it all wrapped up. Well, maybe I wish some things had played out differently, but that isn't to say they didn't work for the series. It was still a page-turning conclusion and a reminder that these authors have lots of other comics out there that I really must check out. I am so glad I took a chance on this series because I didn't expect to like it as much as I did! Strongly recommended!

New Additions

A Delivering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab
Vicious by V.E. Schwab
Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs
Fade Out - Volume 3: Act Three by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (gift card)
Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine (gift card)
Uprooted by Naomi Novik (gift card)

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  1. Great job on the button! Love the furry friend pics. :)

  2. I kind of feel bad that I couldn't manage to finish Unbroken. Ah well.
    I'm not as familiar with Ms Marvel. I think I know how she dies??? Anywho. I love your pictures. I'm so happy spring is here!

  3. Princeless looks fun! I'm hoping my library system has it.

  4. I would say I hope you're enjoying Unbroken, but it isn't really a book one feels comfortable "enjoying." But I do hope you're finding it a compelling read.

  5. I remember reading Unbroken when I got the ARC, absolutely amazing! Just looking at the cover brings back the memory of reading it.

  6. Your button and your animals are beautiful! And although I've never heard of Beauty before, you're definitely making me want to check it out. :)


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