Sunday, June 05, 2016

Week in Review - Week 23

Random Thoughts

A new month, so new graphic! I am such a big fan of how easy Canva is to use. I always used to have to ask people to make me things, but now I can make simple ones myself! Plus, I make use of my own pictures... You will get to see this particular one for the month of June. I had a quieter reading week mainly because my current read is on the longer side and I didn't get as much time to settle in with it as I would have liked. I also have been trying to read short stories and essays because they are easy to dip into and I have many collections on my TBR. I did finish two audiobooks this week, though, which is rare for me!

Graphic Novel Year

Nothing this week... Really been slacking on this!

Currently Reading


I am not sure... I finished my last one last night and haven't decided where I am going next...

Weekly Reading

Mr. Splitfoot ~ I had been seeing this one around and had wanted to check it out! The e-book went on sale, so I snagged a copy. I honestly had no idea what it was even about upon starting it. I think from the title I was aiming for fantasy, but you never know, right? It was one of those books where mostly everything doesn't get explained until the end, but you have your opinions. And, the ride to the end is enjoyable! Definitely worth all the buzz I have been seeing around it. Recommended!

Dorothy Must Die (reread) ~ I read this last year right as I was getting back into reading following my broken ankle. I read it on Scribd because I wasn't doing audiobooks last year, but they didn't have the sequels. I bought the sequels a bit earlier this year, though, so I decided to reread this to use the audio that I had bought. It was really good on audio, but I think too soon for a reread. I still enjoyed it, though, and am looking forward to seeing where the story goes next! Recommended!

Sleeping Giants ~ I have been seeing this around and REALLY wanted to get a copy, but the hardcover and e-book are so pricey in Canada. But, I heard good things about the audio and decided that it was finally time to reactivate Audible. It was a full cast performance and it was really really well done. I loved it and there is a release date for the sequel all ready. It will definitely be one of my pre-orders for 2017! If you are worried about the style not working on audio, it definitely does and I loved it! Strongly recommended!

New Additions

Nothing this week... (You know, I only count paper copies in this section. I should probably include Audible and e-books, but never have...)

Weekly Posts

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Weekly Pictures


  1. I like the pictures especially, which give me a glimpse into your life. We have two kitties and a dog, as well!

  2. I really want to read Dorothy Must Die. I'm glad you liked it the second time around too. And, I love your pictures. Your dog and your cats are so cute!

  3. I love your last photo. I loved when you posted it on Instagram. I open a window and my cats will sit there all day.

  4. I've been thinking I need to work on some of my short story and essay collections too. I am glad you enjoyed Sleeping Giants. I've heard mixed reviews, and am hoping I like it when I get to it. Love the photo of them all looking out the window. :-)

    I hope you have a great week, Kelly!

  5. I would have never considered listening to Sleeping Giants, but I can see how a full cast would make it even more awesome than it already is! I need to get back to the Laini Taylor series. I read the first one a few months ago and loved it. I promised myself I would not wait three years to read the next one either. Perhaps I can squeeze it in sometime this summer.


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