Friday, September 30, 2016

Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts

Happy Friday, folks! I saw this on a blog which lead me to Bookishly Boisterous who hosts it. It doesn't say there is a certain day to participate, so I decided to use it for today and join in! I am trying to do better at blogging and set ideas seems to be the method that is working for me right now!

1.| It is my birthday on Monday and compared to last year, I have bought a lot of books so far with various gift cards! The guy bought me these books I blogged about last week. Then with another gift card I bought The Geek Feminist Revolution and Three Dark Crowns. And, then, I went entirely crazy with the last one I received. On the way to me next week is The Girl From Everywhere, The Natural Way of Things, The Kingdom of Gods, The Obelisk Gate, Bellwether Rhapsody, and The Muse. I really need to keep up the reading, folks!

2. | As I mentioned on Sunday, I joined Litsy! I have been really excited about Litsy since it was released for Apple, but my poor little iPod is my only Apple product and it is too old to install new apps. So, I had to wait! I have been having fun with it, though. I was all ready a heavy Instagram user, so now I have two places to take pictures. I am bookishnerd on there. I have been trying to get other friends that don't really blog anymore to join, but not been successful so far...

3. | I have amazingly kept up my Bullet Journal and added in a regular planner! I have lost some of the steam with both projects this week because been busy with other things, but still keeping them up! One thing I have slacked on is my cleaning schedule because I thought I had developed the habits enough I didn't need to have a set thing everyday... But, feel like that has slacked this week. I might go back to it for October to get back on track!

4. | I have been trying to blog more and I am not sure what I think about it really. If I post tomorrow, I will have posted everyday this week. I am not sure when the last time I accomplished that was! And, it really doesn't take that much time away from other things because I work on it a bit at a time (other than this post which I am writing on Friday because yesterday was a crazy day...). But, I don't really think I have the readership I once had and people don't really comment. Am I doing this to talk to myself?

5. | Another thing I have slacked on is adding books to Libib. I did all my physical books, but e-books and audiobooks I have to enter manually and I just haven't made it work in my schedule lately because it takes longer. I would like to have that completed by the end of October, so I should brainstorm when to fit it in! Instead, I rearranged books this week because I wasn't happy with the way they were before and now I have to tidy the shelves up.

6. | I have no real plans for the weekend. Maybe a reading weekend? That would be so nice! I hardly ever have free days to just read anymore. What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I love the idea of a reading weekend! It sounds lovely even if I know that it won't happen on my end. LOL! I have been working on posting more by self. It works better if I schedule posts ahead of time so I'm going to focus on doing just that. I really, really need to check Litsy out as so many of you love it. Maybe I will this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and do get to read a few great books!

  2. A reading weekend sounds nice!

    I went for my entrance ceremony for my job today, though I won't start work till next year :p

    And I said I wouldn't join any social media sites, but the more I looked at litsy, the more inviting it seemed, so... I bit the bullet. I figure I can just let it go if it proves too much XD

  3. I've been trying to be better at blogging these days too. I'm thinking my monthly event this month will definitely help me get back into the groove of things, including commenting on others' posts!

    I've considered joining Litsy, but there is already so much that I do. I'm not sure I can add another social media site to my list.

  4. I was on Litsy for a while and then I gave up on it just because of the time factor. Not that Litsy takes a lot of time, but it was just one more thing, lol. I do like it, though, and I'm glad you're enjoying it now that it's finally available for non-Apple users.

    I understand what you mean about your readership and blogging. Honestly, I think commenting is down just in general so don't take it to heart. If you enjoy blogging, then I'd blog. If you don't enjoy blogging, then don't stress about it, you know? I've enjoyed reading your posts. :)

  5. Happy birthday! I'm on Litsy too — @heidenkind

  6. A reading weekend sounds just about perfect. I hope you were able to do just that!

    Happy, happy birthday!


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