Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Top Ten Favourite Graphic Novels

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My Top Ten Favourite Graphic Novels
(This is supposed to be ten favourites in a particular genre. I am tweaking the rules a bit... I was going to do fantasy but that is hard! lol)

1. | My favourite graphic novel series is Fables by Bill Willingham and all the others that joined in over its reign. I started the series in 2009. It finished in 2015. I still have not found another series that compares. It will always be my favourite, I think. The spin-offs are all fun, but they are not as good as the original.

2. | I love Saga, though! I think it is not competing with Fables because one is a fairy tale retelling and this one is a space adventure. It is not quite the same thing at all, so it is hard to compare the two. I enjoy their adventures and cannot wait for more!

3. | And now for something completely different... lol I love Maus. It was one of the first graphic novels I read when I decided to get more into the genre. I am a big fan of anything WWI and WWII related and this really worked for me. I think my graphic novel reading could have gone very differently if I had started with this and Fables in 2009.

4. | I think my favourite character with all the Marvel reading I have done in the last couple years is Deadpool. He is funny and sarcastic and I just love him. I have been reading him on Marvel Unlimited, but one day I would love to own him in trade... (The movie was fun, too!)

5. | After Christmas this year, I splurged and decided to try this series... And then bought all the sequels. I love it! I am a big fan of strong, female characters. Lazarus might not be all that she seems, but she is such a compelling character and I am so excited for Volume 5 in January. 

6. In 2015, Comixology had some really good sales and I grabbed the first two volumes of this series really cheap. They compare it to Saga and Buffy. It was so good! I quickly upgraded to trade copies and bought Volume 3 as soon as it was released. I can't wait for a volume 4!

7. One of my goals was to catch up on this series in 2016. And, I did it. YAY! Now if the newest volume would just release all ready. It was supposed to be out a while ago... Then it was supposed to be out today. I still have not received it. It is a series set in a school and all sorts of strange things happen. It is a fun series!

8. Another series I set the goal to catch-up with in 2016 and accomplished. This series is so well done and I definitely recommend it. It is a super hero comic, yes, but it is a diverse super hero comic and the world needs more of those!

9. Another series set in a school! I only started this series this year, but I love it and the fun characters. Compared to what I normally read, this is a very 'normal' comic. lol It is not really, though. On the service it is about the adventures of being in university, but there is a lot more happening!

10. I love Hexed!! I almost forgot to include it because I read it on Scribd and still have not bought all the trades... It is such a good story and I love Lucifer and I wish it was longer!

This was a lot harder than I expected it to be... There were a lot of other ones I wanted to include! 

So, honourable mentions:

... And many more...


  1. Although I don't read graphic novels, these all look interesting! I wonder if the library carries graphic novels--I could give them a try. :)

  2. I loved Fables! It's got so many great characters and so beautifully to look at.
    My TTT

  3. I really need to catch up on Morning Glories!

  4. Embarrassing truth: I've never even heard of Wayward! But the comparisons to Saga and Buffy are making me verrrrry interested. I'll see if my library has it.

    Also, I just read the first two volumes of Giant Days, and they were absolutely delightful. Can't wait for vol 3!

  5. Great list for Top Ten Tuesday! I have some of these on my TBR list - unfortunately I haven't read many graphic novels this year. Actually I think only 1. Yikes. Need to add some more to my stacks.

  6. I've struggled with some of the graphic novels I've tried this past year, but I really want to try the March series. It reminds me a bit of Maus in that it's more historical fiction rather than a super hero type of GN.

  7. I'm not really a graphic novel reader, but my youngest son loves them. (It was so hard to get him reading longer books, but we did it. YAY!) My issue was finding books that were appropriate--because most of them look like they're geared toward 8 or 9 yr olds.

  8. I haven't read enough graphic novels to make a top ten list of my favorites. Maus would definitely be on that list though if I did make one.

  9. Love that you included honorable mentions! I'm currently reading Giant Days on Hoopla and love the series. Great list.

  10. I love how excited you are about graphic novels. I still cannot seem to get into them, but I have read Maus. At least I have read something in the genre!

  11. I've never read the graphic novels of Hyperbole and a Half, but I do like their blog. I'd probably like the graphic novels, too.


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