Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week in Review - Week 38

Random Thoughts

September has been a better read month so far than July and August. That must mean that my routine is coming back. Yay! I have been checking in with some favourite authors, too, which helps. I think I read too widely and forget about favourite authors and series too much. As I write this I am thinking about other authors I have neglected for far too long. If I make anything a project, though, I tend to lose interest... So, I will just think about it and see where my reading takes me.

Graphic Novel Year

Silk - Issues 1-5
Spider-Woman - Issues 1-4
Deadpool - Issues 1-8

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Locke & Key ~ I loved this audiobook! It is the first time I have done a dramatic version of an audio and this was a great place to start! I read the entire graphic novel series and loved it (it should have been on my Top Ten Tuesday post. oops!). I found myself very caught up in the story even though I all ready knew how it was going to play out. It was also a fun way to reread a series! Strongly recommended!

Tangled Threads ~ I read the first three books in this series last year, so this could be a lot worse timing to finally get to volume 4. (I think the series itself is up to volume 15...). While I really like Gin and the world that Estep has created, I do not love this series quite as much as I could because Estep is very repetitive. I understand explaining back story, but telling me something on one page only to mention it again two pages later... It's annoying! That being said, I do still find the series fun and plan to continue reading it. Recommended!

Deadpool Volume 1 and 2 ~ YAY! A new Deadpool series! I am not sure I like it as much as some of other series I have read about him yet, but it is still Deadpool and I love Deadpool! 

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Week in Review - Week 37 

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  1. Yay for getting back to routine! It does make things so much smoother. There are so many authors I want to read more from or books that I really want to reread but I just can't seem to make it work. I worry that in the end it will make my enjoyment in reading decrease but I'm trying to fix it a little with having less new books come in. Have a great week!

  2. Yes! Fall is getting you back in your groove. I need to read The Iron Druid books! Love that last pic. Wow!

  3. Gorgeous photos this week, Kelly! I wish I were motivated to find such beautiful scenery in my area. I'm sure it exists somewhere...

  4. I really need to try Deadpool. Max, who rarely reads anything unless he has to, loves the Deadpool comics!


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