Monday, October 24, 2016

This or That

I saw this on Diary of an Eccentric and thought I would play along!

Reading on the couch or reading in bed?
~ In the morning when I am the only one up, I will read on the couch with Mackie or Casey. The rest of the time I read in bed.

Main character: Male or Female?
~ It doesn't really bother me one or another as long as they are written well. I think I gravitate more towards women just because I try to seek books out that are about women. The men's story have been told for years in many genres, it is time for the women.

Sweet or salty snacks while reading?
~ I don't really snack while reading. Usually just drink my coffee or another drink. That's about it.

Trilogies or quartets?
~ Trilogies. Only because that is one less book in a series and I am atrocious at series. lol

First Person or Third person POV?
~ I will read both. I don't seek one out over the other really. It is all in the writer and if they can pull it off.

Night or morning reader?
~ I read when I get the chance. I do most of my reading in the morning, though, because that is the usual time I have the peace and quiet to do so.

Libraries or bookstores?
~ Bookstores. I love libraries, too, but never go to the one here because of its inconvenient location.

Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?
~ I guess unintentionally I tend to read sadder books than books that make me laugh. I don't necessarily seek one out above the other, but tend to read more darker books than lighter ones.

Black or white book covers?
~ Not sure why this is a question because covers are many colours? If I judge a book by the cover, it is usually to appreciate the art. Like Charles de Lint or Patricia McKillip. They scored in the cover art department!

Character driven or plot driven stories?
~ In fantasy, I find that a lot of books tend to be more plot driven than character driven. But, again, I honestly do not have a preference when I pick out books. It is again all in how well the author does it!


  1. This is a fun tag. I don't read in bed. I think it's too uncomfortable. I'll read on the couch, but I usually read in my recliner or the bathtub.

    I do like first person POV, but I prefer third person more. I especially love third person omniscient. I love seeing the WHOLE picture and watching the characters figure it out.

  2. Some of these were difficult to answer! I don't know if I am that picky in my reading choices to be able to decide between some of these.

  3. Oh this looks fun! Maybe I'll steal the idea too! It's fun seeing your responses!

  4. This is a fun survey! I'm definitely a morning reader. I love staying in bed and reading on Saturday mornings (although that hasn't happened at all recently). I would just fall asleep if I read at night!


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