Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Audiobooks I Am Dying to Listen To

Okay, so this is not the topic for the week... But, I wasn't really feeling the current one and decided to make my own post this week. If you want to see the real topic, head over to The Broke and the Bookish.

I have made a, likely to change, list of books I would like to listen to next... They are:

Being Jazz: My Life a (Transgender) Teen ~ I am pretty sure this is a television show, but since we do not have cable I am only familiar with the book. I am really curious about how she sees the world and make her way in it.

The Guineveres ~ This is one of those books making the rounds lately that has caught my eye. It is compared to The Virgin Suicides and I love that book!

The Motion of Puppets ~ I really enjoyed The Stolen Child, but have yet to read on with Donohue. This book has been catching my eye for months and I love the cover. It is time for me to read Donohue again!

Feedback ~ I listened to the first three books, so makes sense to listen to the 4th!

The Mothers ~ Another one that has been catching my eye that I am thinking about doing on audio. It sounds good!

Ghostland ~ This sounds really good for this time of the year!

All the Birds in the Sky ~ I have been curious about this book all year! I also saw the author on a documentary and was interested by them, too!

Stiletto ~ I enjoyed the first book in this series on audio and am curious to see what happens next!

Jane Steele ~ I have been planning to read this all year and hear that the audio was good... Now to actually get to it!

Fellside ~ I really enjoyed The Girl with all the Gifts on audio so was planning to listen to this one, too, but then the e-book was on sale over the weekend so might just read it!


  1. I bought Fellside when it was on sale this weekend too. Besides the Mira Grant book, I haven't heard of the rest of these.

  2. Hold up! There's a fourth book in the Newsflesh series? I thought it was only a trilogy. I'm off to get my hands on this book.

  3. Except for the haunted one, I have my eye on all these.

  4. I like that you decided to come up with your own topic since you didn't like the real one. I actually did one this week, lol.

    I'm never in the mood for an audiobook. I don't like them. But, some of the books on your list do seem intriguing.

  5. Great list of books! Not heard of a lot of them, so I'll definitely keep an ear out for them!

  6. Although I don't do audio books, I did enjoy Jane Steele in print! I started Stiletto because I enjoyed the first book in the series, but for some reason I could not get interested in this new installment. Fellside is on my list--I loved The Girl with All the Gifts!

  7. I hope you enjoy Fellside. There were certainly some parts I really liked about that book and others that didn't work for me but hopefully you'll like it. Great list here and of course I'm taking note of some of these titles :)


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