Sunday, October 02, 2016

Week in Review - Week 40

Random Thoughts

How is it October all ready? Tomorrow is my birthday... At least this year I am not spending it recovering from a broken ankle! If I look back on last year, it makes me see how much better my ankle is now. It is when I think about before I broke it compared to now that I get sad. Such is life, I guess. So, this year's birthday has been bookish and I am a bit embarrassed by how many books I have bought recently. Now to read them... And not buy anymore this year! We will see how that goes... I was reflecting on how different this year has been in terms of reading. I used to do review copies, so I was up on the new releases. But, last year I think I read like two books actually published in 2015. This year with preorders, good e-book sales, and Audible... I have read a lot of 2016 books (and own a bunch more). I hope the last three months of the year are good reading months for me. I need them! lol

Graphic Novel Year

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Volume 1: BFF

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Weekly Reads

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur ~ I have been curious about this since it came out and it was finally finished for the first volume on Marvel. Guys, while I did really like it... I didn't love it. And, that makes me sad. I am hoping it is just a case of the series getting better as it goes. I think my issue is that all of the new series centred around girls have the girls acting the same way. The sidekicks may be different, but the overall personality and lifestyle? Similar. I guess they don't feel like they are pushing envelope for me... So, while I recommend this, I am not as excited as I expected to be.
We Have Always Live in the Castle ~ A reread! Remember when I was doing well at rereading this year? It sort of fizzled... But, I had this on audio and was told it was a good performance. Plus, it is perfect for this time of the year. And, it was a really good audio. It is such a creepy, atmospheric book. I found that I remembered the larger story, but had forgotten a lot of the details. Shirley Jackson was a very gifted writer! Strongly recommended!

The Fifth Season ~ I grabbed this on a Kindle deal and then sat on it forever before finally starting it this week! I have read Jemisin in the past, but not in ages and only one book. I am so glad I read this! It was so good! There are so many wonderful fantasy novels out there! It takes a bit to get going, but that is only because it has to build up to awesome things that will totally make sense when they happen. And the ending! I want the sequel now, please! (It is on its way to me in the mail...) Strongly recommended!!

New Additions

The Geek Feminist Revolution
Three Dark Crowns
Off the Bookshelf Colouring Book
Life After Life
Stars Above
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

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  1. Happy Early Birthday!! Here's to a great year of reading, and no more broken bones!! :)

  2. I want to see the stack of birthday books you've got. Have a great birthday and reading month!

  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have a great day!

  4. Happy early birthday! It sounds like you're doing some fun reading :) Geek Feminist is definitely on my to-read list.

  5. Happy birthday - I hope you have a fantastic day! I'm with you on this year, can't believe it's October already.

  6. Happy birthday, girl! And yes, you definitely have cause to celebrate this year. I hope you get even MORE bookish goodies and find the time to enjoy them!

  7. Anonymous10:59 AM

    A very happy birthday to you!


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